First Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer Screen Surfaces… On a Cake

MP1st - Creative Director on Medal of Honor, Kristoffer Bergqvist, shares with fans the first screen of Warfighter’s multiplayer in action… on a cake. An FPS has never looked so tasty.

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WiIIiam2372d ago

I hope this game delivers; the FPS genre needs a good kick. With no real competition, COD has been able to comfortably grow stale with no repercussions. I hope this game changes that.

TheBioLover2372d ago

To be honest it looks fairly generic from what we have seen so far, but we have seen only one level of SP, the MP could be pretty new, and the story could be good.

2372d ago
Gamer-Z2372d ago

I don't know about the game but that cake looks good :P

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