EDGE- Pandora's Tower Review

EDGE- A fantasy land. A damsel in distress. She has a lover, a questing hero. His challenge? To slay 13 beasts secreted around the world in order to restore her to health. Fumito Ueda’s colossal shadow hangs over Ganbarion’s first title, the final in a series of three JRPGs – following The Last Story and Xenoblade – that has seen Wii’s twilight years play host to some of the keenest experimentation with the mechanics and tropes of this venerable genre.

Pandora’s Tower is perhaps the most experimental of all, an action-RPG that takes its cues from God Of War as much as Final Fantasy. While protagonist Aeron might have the fey demeanour and highly decorative yet only partially concealing armour of your typical JRPG lead, he’s also got a chain weapon that rivals Kratos’s Blades Of Chaos.

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Titanz2786d ago

It's a good game, so you don't have to worry about a future purchase of the title.

Thepcz2786d ago

The game deserves a better rating than 6. Its the freshest game ive played since... Xenoblade. Its better than last story in my book. Ok the graphics arnt great, but it makes up for it in vision. Buy this game! I hope there is more of the same on the way for wii u!