E3 2012 Predictions: Microsoft | For the Love of Gaming

E3 2012 is not far away. Cory gives his predictions on what Microsoft will have at their press conference.

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Eternalb2376d ago

I'm just sad Molyneaux is no longer with Lionhead

BuffMordecai2376d ago

Halo 4 is going to be awesome, but apart from that I'm not expecting much from Microsoft.

Whore_Mouth2376d ago

I disagree. I think that there will be very little info released on Halo 4.

I also doubt that there will be any Kinect integration. Which would be surprising since 343 is a Microsoft company.

HeartDisease2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

343I has no track record of making anything unless you count halo waypoint. the chances of them making a great(not the same as profitable) halo game are as good as slant6 making a good resident evil game or treyarch surpasing IW on a COD game.

its like someone giving me the license to write the next harry potter book. sure it will sell a billion copies but will it have the same magic?

click disagree now you idiots.

4logpc2375d ago

I understand what you are saying, but 343 has quite a bit of former Bungie staff members. I personally think having a good blend of old and new will bring new ideas to the franchise.

theeg2375d ago

next gen this year or gtfo

console have fallen behind so far now, almost 3 generations behind pc

smartphones are going to eclipse ps3/360 this year


BitbyDeath2375d ago

Games will still be 20+ years behind so what does it matter?

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