Trials Evolution Review | The Controller Online

The Controller Online writes:

"When you have one of the all-time best-selling Xbox Live Arcade games, trying to top that must be a very daunting task. With Trials Evolution featuring bigger, outdoor environments, online multiplayer and one of the best level editors ever released, RedLynx don’t just top Trials HD, they leave it in the dust."

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JellyJelly2787d ago

Downloadable game of the year?

Yi-Long2787d ago

... but it's still early, and PSN has Journey which is also a classic ofcourse.

Anyway, downloaded Trials Evolution today and loving every minute of it. The editor is great as well. :)

Chuk52787d ago

Oh by the way Yi, I did end up selling my Street Fighter x Tekken a few weeks ago for mass effect 1 and a points card to get trials.You probably don't remember suggesting that, but you did. So, thank you.

Yi-Long2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

...but it's just common sense. :)

When you see how much value for money some XBLA/PSN games offer, it's a mystery to me why people would choose to spend their money on nickel-and-dime DLC instead.