Sly Cooper 4 Won’t Be Having Any Wardrobe Malfunctions with These Clever Costume Changes

Kotaku writes: You know, I never realized how much I missed Sly Cooper until I recently laid hands on an in-development build of the master thief's upcoming game. There's a particular charm in how the larcenous raccoon created by Sucker Punch manages to combine stealth, humor and platforming into an attractive whole. I mean, I hate raccoons in real life but here I am laughing it up with one of them in video game form.

n4gisatroll4174d ago

cant wait for e3, so i can see more of this.

r214174d ago

god damn it sony, tell us the freaking release date!


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Should Sly Cooper Return For The PS5?

After Sly Cooper Thieves in Time was released on PS3 in 2013, Sanzaru Games has not had the chance to revisit the raccoon and his gang.

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PhoenixUp1370d ago

Is it law that every Sly game from Sly 2 onwards end on a massive cliffhanger? I wouldn’t be as anxious for a Sly 5 if they just gave Sly 4 a succinct ending.

On another note we still have yet to hear anything about how that Sly Cooper television series is coming along.

BlaqMagiq11370d ago

Duh. It's been almost 7 years. It NEEDS a new one.

Elda1370d ago

Why not If they know fans of the games want it bad enough.

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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Lead Designer: ‘We Would Love to Come Back to That World’

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Lead Designer talks about his passion for the project, how they would love to return the world of Sly Cooper, and how the first episode of the DLC is completely written.

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Jin_Sakai1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

“So all I can is that if you guys want more Sly Cooper let Sony know. We are always ready to dig into that and it was a great franchise to work on. It was a great project.“

Everyone flood Sony and let them know! I’d love to have a new Sly game on PS5.

Sciurus_vulgaris1376d ago

I would love for the cliffhanger ending to get a conclusion.

Rude-ro1375d ago

This game got massacred with reviews for no reason what so ever other than it was sonys swan songs along with god of war ascension of which also got hit.

Sciurus_vulgaris1375d ago

I actually think Thieves in Time was better than Sly Cooper 3 and I’m surprised it reviewed worse than its predecessor.

BlackIceJoe1376d ago

I'd be done for a new game being a launch, or near launch game for the PS5.

Segata1375d ago

I really liked these games. Please bring him back.

Chaos_Order1375d ago

Incoming unpopular opinion!

I thought Thieves in Time was decent, but a bit of a letdown to be honest. Sly 3 ended perfectly, giving a conclusion of sorts for the main 3 characters while still leaving a little room for imagination, and had some of the best moments from the entire series, (The fight with General Tsao, anyone?) then Thieves in Time comes along with its lame villain, destroys Penelope's character, (I legitimately thought she was being brainwashed or something. Plus, why the boss fight in that crappy little mech suit when she's a master combatant and tech wiz?) and logic that makes no sense even in a cartoon world, such as Sly purposely being sent to prison so he can break out by... Throwing the one ton iron ball he's chained to to break through the wall? When he's never showed this type of strength before, and never displays a similar feat ever again? Plus I thought the levels were better designed in earlier games, and the cast of controllable characters in 3 was much more diverse and interesting. Sucker Punch were the true masters of this series.