What is Rocksteady's Next Project?

Rocksteady have made a name for themselves in the games industry for making Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, but what should they do next?

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Simon_Brezhnev2372d ago

I really hope its the rumored Ninja Turtles. Arkham gameplay with a lot of co-op moves. If they do Ninja Turtles i hope its off the original comics.

RyuDrinksTheDew2371d ago


is there really a rumor for a Ninja Turtles by them?

if so, that has some serious potential.

gaffyh2371d ago

I didn't know that either. Hopefully it's not the movie-based game (i.e. based on Michael Bay's TMNT movie)

MrBeatdown2371d ago

I think they could do something good with Mortal Kombat or The Matrix. They did combat so well in Batman that I think it would carry over well to either of those franchises, both of which are heavy on hand to hand combat.

Take any MK character and put him into Arkham-style combat. The MK characters have similar abilities... Scorpion's spears instead of grappling hooks. Sub-Zero's freezing in place of Batman's freezing abilities. Liu Kang's fireballs in place of EMP blasts or batarangs. Fatalities instead of takedowns.

Then their is The Matrix. Swap Batman with Neo and swap Joker's thugs with Smith clones, and you'd basically have any scene from Matrix Reloaded.

They definitely aren't the most popular IPs out there, and the chance of a Matrix game is pretty much non-existant, but still, I think Rocksteady could do something great with them.

LightofDarkness2371d ago

I think they should do something new. That is, completely new, and not based on someone else's IP. They've certainly earned the right to let their creative juices fly.

Syclonus2371d ago

id like to see them make a judge dredd game

gaffyh2371d ago

That would actually be really cool, but in the end it would just be a plain shooter probably.

Nunchez2371d ago

Yes please I really hope this is true! Superman I think does deserve a good game and the best people now for that is definitely Rocksteady.