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From the Publisher of GoozerNation, "The Witcher: Assassins of Kings has been on my radar ever since the PC version came out just over a year ago. The wait has been worth it. The Enhanced Edition for the Xbox 360 showed up at my door yesterday and was impressively thick; it contained an 84-page Quest Handbook, which basically steps you through each quest. You can think of it as an offline wiki. Also included is a thick game manual, which I only skimmed through, so far. And it comes with three discs, two of which are game discs and the third is the soundtrack, which I’m listening to right now. I played the first three hours of the game last night, which amounted to basically a tutorial, and the prologue. I’m going to happily start Chapter 1 tonight. This review will cover the first three hours of the game.

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sikapwach2426d ago

Man as much as I love deep RPG's, I just don't really wanna get into a game with nudity. Is that bad?

BiggCMan2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Yea there's nudity right in the beginning actually. Pretty much all of the woman as well, breasts, lower areas etc.. I haven't beaten the game though so i'm not sure if there is any more than the one scene, but I will say that it's amazing and shouldn't be passed up. However if nudity is something you find uncomfortable, than it's your choice. You can look up online though to see if there are more scenes, and even if so, you can just look away or something, just an option.

Also I should mention, it's all kept very mature, not done for like a kids pleasure or anything. Simple scene with 2 people getting out of beg together is all.

despair2426d ago

your choice but you will miss out on a really amazing RPG and overall game. You really want to deny yourself an amazing experience because of some animated nudity?

h311rais3r2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Well I hope u dont like nudity in real life either. U could just ignore it. The reason it's in the game is to make it more realistic.

PieMonster2426d ago

The man don't like nudity in games! So let him be! I dont' like it either. I find it more comical rather than erotic. Don't even get me started on Henti!

pr0digyZA2426d ago

There are a few scenes. However all of them can be avoided with the right choices the only one you can't miss is the intro one. Apparently an extra one got added in the enhanced version but I'm not so sure about that one because I still have to download the patch.

Kalowest2426d ago

The patch is 11GB, it took my 4hrs to download, but its worth the wait.

Kalowest2426d ago

"I just don't really wanna get into a game with nudity. Is that bad?"
Nudity and Sex scenes(3 or 4), this game nothing but mature, but everything in this game is done for a reason. This game has a deep story-line and great character development. I beat the whole game once, just
updated to the Enhanced Edition, about to playthrough it again.

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JimmyJames702426d ago

Oh man. I completely forgot to mention the nudity. **spoiler** Yeah, there's at least one scene in the prologue where you pretty much see full frontal female nudity.

PieMonster2426d ago

Mmmmmm... I don't know why, but this review makes me hungry for a steak.

ninjahunter2425d ago

lol, 3 hours is like the tutorial before you get to the actual RPG part of the game.