WGTC: Trials Evolution Review

Mike from We Got This Covered wrote:

"The Trials series has come a long way since it was the number one way of wasting time back in middle school computer labs. Going from the most popular Flash game on the web to one of the top five selling games on Xbox Live Arcade has been quite a trip. Of course, with such popularity comes a new game that breaks even more boundaries than the original game did, bringing both innovation with gameplay and a new level of fun that will be hard to beat."

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badkolo2377d ago

keeping the later difficulty in tact shows they didnt lose site of the game and didnt have to water it down to appease anyone, trials was always known for hard level, sometimes to much, but this game does it gradually so more players can enjoy the game without getting frustrated so easily yet still has the extra hard levels for core gamers of trial who enjoy the insane difficulty, its the best of both worlds, and to top it off people will be making tons of simple levels for those people that want to just have fun, this is a game that will go on for a long time and trials evi is just amazing, not perfect but worth every penny, great fun, and just a total package, best xbl game ever.