Gaming doesn’t make you an asshole

Do online multiplayer games that encourage people to kill each other inherently make people act like assholes?

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AIndoria2793d ago

"It’s our games that make us assholes.”
Uh...what?! :P
Also, in the last paragraphs you mentioned teamwork. I should notably mention that apart from a few games and a few people, no one plays cooperatively online. They're just looking to increase their KD ratio or whatever. I see this almost every day on Battlefield 3. You're very less likely to see someone helping the team out, but when you do, you're correct, the experience and the thrill of the game increases tenfold.

rezzah2793d ago

What makes people assholes is their own beliefs and actions.

Regardless of where they receive the beliefs from, in this case games, they are the receiver of information and the giver of action.

Easiest way around this is being open minded, because if you are not then you accept anything you hold as truth and take action without prior thought.

Bleucrunch2793d ago

I disagree NO game can make you anything....If you are an asshole in the multiplayer world, chances are you are an asshole in your private daily life. The game is just an excuse for you to act like that because you know that their aren't any many consequences if any. Its a "punkish" type of mentality to act all tough guy through a mic playing a game online. Developers do not have access to gamers psychy so they cannot develop games based on how many asshole they will create...that's an absurd argument.

AIndoria2793d ago

Well, Journey's creator Mr. Chen doesn't seem to agree with you.