Motorstorm and Everybody's Tennis Are Back On The PS Vita PSN Store

Sony has officialy removed Teck4's PS Vita exploit and just re-uploaded Motorstorm Artice Edge and Everybody's Tennis to the PSN store, however Teck4 has more up his sleeve

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Dante1122969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Glad to see Sony fix these exploits. I finally have both my games back to download.

Edit: @ Homer The PSP emulator is something Sony added on there. I guess it was their way of allowing homebrew in a closed space. The VHBL exploit was removed in the last firmware (thanks alot teck4).

Homer14212969d ago

they need to FULLY remove the PSP hack not just fix the games

TheSuperior 2969d ago

They really should just fix the entire PSP hack rather then fix all the games lol

Sucitta2969d ago

why not just give us access to the system we paid for in the first place... If i want to play psp games on my vita that i have already purchased and the only way i can is through emulation, then so be it...

Sick of paying and paying and paying and paying and paying...

Also where is the advertised pick up and play? Why are hackers able to stream battlefield 3 from ps3 to vita, yet Sony won't allow me to do this, even though again, it was the main advertised perk of owning a Vita.

Stop raping the consumers and the consumers would have no reason to hack or turn to hackers.

Cryptcuzz2969d ago

In regards to the PS3 games via remote play on the Vita; maybe they have not found a way to do so safely without another way to exploit the system?