Stop the video game violence

A note to the games industry: Let's move on and leave this war simulation garbage behind.

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THR1LLHOUSE2789d ago

There does seem to be an increase in the number of games that *aren't* about killing things, at least. Hell, Portal and Portal 2 were pretty huge games and niether had any actual killing. I think it's just a matter of more devs trying out new ideas.

Tapioca Cold2789d ago

When I was a child I would run in the forest and play 'cowboys 'n indians'. Generations before that children would pretend to be Rome's gladiators.

We love it. It's what we do. It's our warring nature. Like sports. This way we can do it safely and no one gets hurt.

So, sorry Mr. 'Bedwetter' journalist, if war games scare you, then go grab your blankie and play kinect star wars and kinecticimals.

Oh, and don't cry, or you'll have to sit at the kiddy table.

gamernova2788d ago

I don't want violence to go away. I want all categories to thrive because us gamers benefit from a large selection.