Top 10 Fat Bastards Found in Video Games

GameDynamo - "In fiction, extra weight on a character is often used to symbolize corruption, the physical and moral distance from "heroic" athleticism that comes with excess consumption. In reality, obesity is an epidemic of modern society, a disease caused by the unhealthiness of modern diet and lifestyle that is extremely difficult to treat. Fat in real life cannot be attributed to causes as simple and reductive as individual weakness. That said, here are some video game villains who use their paunch as part of their repulsive charm."

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pandehz2373d ago

That GOW fat villain really takes the top spot

Another fat one is the fat boss in the lust/gluttony stage in Jericho. I think his name was Casus Vicus

Hellsvacancy2373d ago

Are you still aloud to say "fat"?

I havnt long found out that your not aloud to say "The Fat Controller" anymore hes now called Sir Topham Hatt, wtf?

OcelotRigz2373d ago

Great title, didnt even read the article, just thought the title was brilliant.

Fatman from MGS2 comes to mind when i think of fat bastards, and of course Fat Bastard himself from Austin Powers, but thats a movie.

TheUnbiasedLion2373d ago

NORG FF 8 what a fat F**K

Queen Brahae FF9 aswell

Big the cat from the sonic games

FunAndGun2373d ago

Roach from Heavenly Sword. I pitied that fat bastard.

attilayavuzer2373d ago

Piggy from Enslaved. I know it only sold like 12 copies, but still

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The story is too old to be commented.