Is PS Vita's Soul Sacrifice the Next Demon's Souls?


Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed a new game for PlayStation Vita called Soul Sacrifice, as reported by Andriasang. As noted in the article, "unlike most Famitsu reveals, this one came not through a preview, but through a multi-page ad."


A teaser site for Soul Sacrifice has now appeared which shows many new images along with English text.

The site states that the game will be unveiled on May 10th at 15:00 at the Tokyo International Forum, where a presentation will be given by the developers. To attend people need to submit their PSN ID and then participants will be chosen at random, with priority going to PS Plus members.

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Crap_Turtle2377d ago


I will not allow people to be swindled by this writer who just 2 weeks ago looked like a fool after the "is this a new tactics" article

4 players screams monster hunter, or an rpg, not a souls game

Nitrowolf22377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

um you do know that both Demon and Dark souls supported 4 player co-op right?
back of the box of Dark souls

anyway I have no idea what this game is about, but would love a soul game on PS vita. Though I am scared I will break it

Crap_Turtle2377d ago

but the details of the game scream monster hunter, not souls

DrPepper2377d ago

if its like demons or dark souls then i'm totally in for that.

Lucretia2377d ago

as much as i want a real souls game on vita, if this would be a real souls game, expect lots of broken vita's that were slammed against the wall :P

PersonaCat2377d ago

Lol I never slammed my PS3 controller on either Souls game for the simple fact that I would hate to spend $50 on another controller :P I would normally just gently place my controller on my bed and let out a large quantity of swears haha

Lucretia2377d ago

Lol, yeah i actually dont rage almost at all, and if i do i just let out a growl haha.

I just meant for people with not as much patience :P

Sithlord-Gamble2377d ago

God i hope this is true. PLEASE.

GraveLord2377d ago

Sounds very interesting especially if its 1st party.

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