Namco Bandai Proving They Don't Understand PC At All

Dark Souls was coming to PC! Yay! Happy happy happy, joy joy joy! And other words to indicate excitement at seeing the phenomenal art direction in Dark Souls really given a chance to shine on something with a bit more graphic muscle behind it. And then a few details began to emerge…

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helghast1022797d ago

You're lucky you're even getting it in the first place.
Quit yer bitchin'

Smashbro292796d ago

That's no attitude to take when you're the one buying stuff. Everyone will have to put up with this stupid bullshit service now.

Lucretia2796d ago

people will always cry, they beg for a straight port, they get it plus extra stuff the console owners dont get and they still cry -_-. if they dont like decisions then they can wait a year till its 5$ on download right?

2nd is they were likely just going to pirate it anyway so why do they cry again?

kevnb2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

is it really locked at 30fps? That would really suck. I can live with everything else, and I actually think mouse and keyboard would be better for me.
I already got it for 360 thinking it wouldn't come to pc, just beat the chaos witch. So i probably wont get it day 1, lets see how it turns out...

MissAubrey2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

would of loved for it to be on PC. in a higher res than 720 that is.

HeartDisease2796d ago

don not worry. someone will make a hires texture pack, unlock the framerate, and god knows whatelse. pc's have incredible people that are ingenious when it comes to their hobbies. all will be well.

lets just hope they do not go with gfwl. i would hate to have to download a crack to bypass that crap.

PS. i already own dark souls for ps3 and will buy it again for pc. <3 fromsoftware

DigitalAnalog2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Regardless of what you think about this, it all boils to down to raw consumerism. We, the buyers need to see value before money is placed, just because someone who feels the need to deliver a product simply because he believes there is a market for it does NOT make the product immune to whatever consumer value is placed upon.

A good seller would understand risks with it's product regardless if there is a demand or not. Making a product less desirable is one step away from losing consumer interest, ergo if he wants to make the best amount of return for the investment, more emphasis on the product must be considered. I sure am glad the PC community as far more outspoken the console counterparts regardless if you think it's over-reacted or not.

Let us point to the SH: HD collections shall we? One of the MOST anticipated collections ended up being the worst sold due to the neglect of it's quality. A good product doesn't necessarily sell but it has a higher probability of gaining interest as opposed to a poor product.