Ghost Recon Future Solder Beta Release Times

MP1st - "The Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta is just around the corner as Ubisoft is set for release tomorrow, April 19th. We’ve got a list of times you can expect the beta to go live."

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Majin-vegeta2797d ago

Anyone got a spare code in the U.S.??

ritsuka6662797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

DUDE, just sign up here --->

it's free code keys.

KMCROC542796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

rent or buy a copy of Splinter cell Conviction & presto free beta .

colugothelegend2797d ago

as a PS+ member

iv downloaded the Beta

but nothings working lol.

i guess this answers that

Skate-AK2796d ago

They have said multipule times this week that you download on the 17th and its playable on the 19th.

TekoIie2797d ago

Dont have work tomorrow So from 2PM it's gonna be a few hours straight of gaming. Loved this at gamefest, although the map they had was VERY one sided towards the U.S since every game i watched the U.S were winning (could be more too it but im just guessing)

Also anyone know if we cant use gunsmith in this game??? Wanted to have a go at it with kinect :3

ExPresident2797d ago

They said on the site that Gunsmith with be available online and via Google's app or something like that. Not with Kinect yet.

neutralgamer192797d ago

Im off tomorrow yessssss!!!!!!

Kingscorpion19812796d ago

Anyone wants a UK code? Here it is 9GL7-DLNP-5K5L

S_C2794d ago

Cheers Mate, I Can't Believe This Hasnt Been Claimed For 2 Days, Daaam I Feel Lucky