Are We Impatient for Next-Gen?

Recently there have been rumors circulating around the gaming community that Microsoft and Sony would showcase their new consoles in this year’s upcoming E3, along with the definitive presence of the Wii U. Even Bungie is said to be developing a game for the next generation consoles according to PSM3. The rumors may seem exciting but this urgency to surge forward to the next generation consoles is shaping the attitude of its consumers.

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raytraceme2372d ago

No but I am getting impatient waiting for good games to be released.

Patriots_Pride2372d ago

Hell nooooo.

5 years is way too old in technology age and its holding back gaming big time.

I understand that we are living in a rescission right now and not much people can afford a new console or some people have just recently jump to 360 and PS3 but that does not mean that the rest of us tech swavy have to wait because of other people.

Keep making PS3 and 360 games and give me a new console which I will purchase day 1.

Swagman23212372d ago

We most certainly are not. 7 years with the same tech is too long in my opinion. They need to bring new consoles out to not stagnate the industry. Graphics these days look dated, honestly they look terrible in most games. Call of Duty's textures are horrendous low res. It's time to bring in new consoles so that wow factor can come back to gaming.

SavageKuma2372d ago

I don't think every system needs it yet. Wii did because no HD made no sense and of course Xbox for too many reason definitely needs a blu-ray in there so we don't have to deal with two seperate disc anymore. But PS3 is still fine saves money not having to wait for a new hard drive just switch it yourself. Thats my opinion.

tdogchristy902372d ago

Disk swapping on the 360 shouldn't be a liable excuse for new technology. Sure DVD clearly has limits compared to blu-ray but to say we need new hardware because of it is low to me. They've had previous generations with way more than 2 disk games if I'm not mistaken. Besides, if you're too lazy to swap a disk, maybe you should be playing outside anyway.

Swagman23212372d ago

I remember playing 4 disc games on PS1 back in the day. Disc swapping isn't a big deal. What is a big deal is PC's are FAR more advanced then consoles and if developers would actually try and push that hardware the games would be amazing. But instead we have 6-7 year old consoles holding back the industry. That's the real problem nowadays

Ness-Psi2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

I remember the 13 disk's microprose shuttle simulator came on back in the amiga days and the manual was the size of a telephone directory lol.

one of the most life consuming games ever you literally had to launch your own rocket. I remember spending a week getting the trajectory's right the fuel consumption atmospheric window calculations and tons of other shit, a whole week and on the saturday was launch day.

I was actually nervous when it came to lift off, and you know what...

it lifted off then veered over to the left and crashed...I slung the disks out the back door and ripped pages from the manual lol I was so angry.

all because i hadn't put enough fuel in the left booster rocket.

fucking thing!

SavageKuma2372d ago

Coming from a gamer saying to go outside is irrelevant. Besides the two disc problem there is also the hard drive that should be swap-able like the ps3 and of course the all out hardware glitches and if you want to talk software how about giving us paying people the option to not see ads or choose what we want on our dashboard. Does that give you more reason for a new Xbox console?

tdogchristy902372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )


All your points, the swapped hdd, glitches hardware, and ads are all irrelevant as well. None of that is indicative of new hardware. The hdd could be solved by bigger drives, sure they aren't propriatery but they don't necessarily indicate a new need foe hardware. Likewise the ads can be eliminated via a software update, and the hardware glitches are common in any technology, including the ps3. So there really is nothing to "require" new hardware.


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Relientk772372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Yes I am. I am sick of 90% of games being shooters. Bring on the next-generation. I want change and I want variety. More RPG, JRPGs, Tactical RPGs, Action RPGs, and adventure games on consoles.

tdogchristy902372d ago

the problem with that logic thought is that you're saying the reason we have so many shooters is based on hardware limitations. This simply isn't the case. We have so many shooters because that's what the market wants. Thus who's to say next gen won't be just as saturated as this one.

Swagman23212372d ago

I miss the days of "tactical shooters". Nowadays everything is just mindless shooting, guys spawn come out of a door way and you just mow them down. Call of Duty is the worst offender of this and i'm truly just tired of it.

TGF_Zero2372d ago

I think we are impatient for Next Gen. I don't know that we are all ready for Next Gen. With games such as Uncharted 3, Witcher 2, bioshock infinite and possibly Crysis 3, hitting consoles and pushing their potential/power even further then what we thought this console generation had to offer. I am not entirely convinced we need next gen yet. I think next year is perfect for next gen to come out not this year. (with the exception of the Wii U, Lord knows Nintendo needs a more powerful HD machine) How ever like many i am very impatient with next gen I guilty side of me is dying for it to come out this year or at least be announced at this years E3.

thetrugamer2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

xbox will copy Wii U for next gen I reckon.

Moncole2372d ago

And than PS4 will copy xbox.

I can troll to :)

thetrugamer2372d ago

I wasn't trolling, just look at the kinect and kinect sports. xbox 720 will have some 'revolutionary' controller that's a tablet with a screen. hmm...

thetrugamer2372d ago

I wasn't trolling, just look at the kinect and kinect sports. xbox 720 will have some 'revolutionary' controller that's a tablet with a screen hmm...

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2372d ago

Do you mean the next xbox will also have current gen specs?! :D

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