Top 8 Worst Video Game Sequels

411mania writes: Last week I counted down the top sequels and you voted that this week we shall look at the Top 8 Worst Sequels ever! Last week was actually quite a hard task as there were so many sequels out there, but thankfully I won't have to limit myself this week as there are a lot less really bad sequels. There are loads of mediocre sequels but there are a few that stand out as either incredibly disappointing or just completely terrible. So the system I am going to use for this how big a disappointment it is, how bad a game it was and how much it annoyed me personally. So let's begin with the 8 Worst Sequels.

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StrongMan2788d ago

They forgot Crackdown 2.

topgun332788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I would have to disagree with Rockband. I personally had guitar hero reserved but I am left handed and the guitar controller is structured in a way for only right handed players. When I heard that Rockband provided an option to play the drums, I was all up on that. Now if you want to call senseless sequels of games, you should blame guitar hero 3, 4, v, and the band versions of Aerosmith and Van Halen. Rockband 2 only improved the game by providing more licensed songs, and 3 allowed for the inclusion of the keyboard and pro learning practice to actually learn to play the various instruments. Currently rockband is not interested in making any more sequals, but rather updating their library every week with new and interesting songs from popular artists. As far as DJ hero goes, that was an experiment that did not go so well but it was an interesting concept. I personally own it...I got the special edition with the stand that turns into a carry case. I still play it sometimes. It probably would have succeeded if they constantly backed it up with dlc songs to add to its library. Of course we can't forget Def Jam Rapstar which basically allowed wanabee rappers make fools of themselves singing along with famous rap videos and can even have the option of posting their videos up on youtube. But it was not a success because not everyone likes Rap, and further the lack of dlc content support.

DasTier2788d ago

Meh Banjo Kazooie wasn't that bad a game, It just didn't fit the the franchise. Was pretty fun TBH.

humbleopinion2788d ago

Yes, the entire list is quire poorly written. It's missing on some truely horrible sequels like the latest Call of Juarez, C&C4 and Operation Flashpoint: Red River, while at the same time including some very good games like Rockband and Nuts & Bolts, which is actually superior to previous BK games but simply strays quite a lot from the old formula.

The list is also not able to distinguish between proper sequels, reboots, and completely different franchises.

leathers1232787d ago

The list is also forgetting the whole CoD Franchise

DasTier2787d ago

@leathers123 except for COD:United Offensive, COD:2 and COD: Modern Warfare. As there all quite good :)

humbleopinion2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Actually, compared to your average shooter - ALL COD games are top notch. They have excellent (albit sometimes short) single player and rock solid multiplayer.
People might find them repetitive but Compared to games like the latest Duke Nukem or COJ or SOCOM or Bodycount they're all gems.

PandaJenkins2788d ago

Nuts and Bolts was great, just different to the old ones. Doesn't mean it was 'bad' though.

SilentNegotiator2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

"Bad sequel", though.