Top 8 Most Underrated Video Games

411mania writes: I didn't know whether to go with good games that aren't well liked by critics and fans or good games that no one's heard of, so in the end I sort of went for a mixture of both. This list has some games which weren't well received by the gaming world or ones which were great but the public just weren't interested.

So the criteria for placement on the list is a game which is either received negatively by the gaming community or one which had very poor sales and deserved more credit for its work. So let's begin with the Top 8 Most Underrated Games.

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Relientk774469d ago

Beyond Good and Evil

fantastic game, very underrated

DarkSniper4468d ago

There are several games that are considered to be of niche audiences. Dark Sniper has been around the circle of gaming his entire life. He has enjoyed a multitude of titles along the years and there are simply classics that belong in conversation as some of the greatest games being made.

Unfortunately due to politics, marketing and market saturation, there are certain classics that got overlooked.

Dark Sniper's top 8 most underrated video games.

1. Legend of Dragoon
2. Megaman X8
3. Maximum Carnage
4. Tobal No.1
5. Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
6. Beyond Good and Evil
7. Time Splitters 2
8. Fighting Vipers


c1oudy4468d ago

Why are you referring to yourself in third person?

NeoTribe4464d ago

That's how dark sniper rolls.

Relientk774468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

I really dont think that Timesplitters 2 was underrated.

It was an amazing game, and got high reviews with pretty much all critics, and some said it was one of the best, if not, the best game of that year

Venoxn4g4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

very good list, but I could say not "underrated" but "overlooked" I can add:

Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2
God Hand
Killer 7
No more heroes 1 & 2
Sin & Punishment 1 & 2
Shadows of the damned
Child of eden & REZ
Rayman origins

+ Vanquish, Bayonetta and Madworld ..and yes Beyond good & evil is one of my best games ;)

Nerdmaster4468d ago

I played Beyond Good and Evil a couple of times. Never understood why people praise it so much.


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Stuart5756164d ago

The Simpsons Arcade was awesome

VenomUK164d ago

I never knew there are TWENTY-EIGHT Simpsons games!

Stuart5756163d ago

Its crazy when you look at ALL the games they made. Same with Assassins Creed, when you count in all the handheld and mobile games there are three times what you may have thought. Some of it shovelware though. I completed Simpsons Arcade recently at a local retro gaming arcade, awesome, I really felt like a 90's kid all over again, except my back was hurting!!


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cthulhucultist179d ago

Eternal Darkness was way ahead of its time especially for a Nintendo exclusive.

I would love to see a remake or sequel (multiplatform)

Ristul179d ago

When I see Eternal Darkness, I klick!

TheBrainZ179d ago

Not to sound too repetitive but Eternal Darkness all the way!

GaboonViper179d ago

Eternal Darkness is one of my most favourite games of all time.

kevco33178d ago

4 people love Eternal Darkness.

Quick! Jump on that remake, whoever holds the rights these days.