The PlayStation Vita is impressive but needs better games

The PlayStation Vita is an great handheld but where are all the awesome games?

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xhedleyx2787d ago

This article makes me want a Vita even more. The good games will come though, it's only been out a few months.

The author should have some patience!

Hisiru2785d ago

Better games? Vita needs time. Soon we will have more amazing games.

pat_11_52787d ago

I'm sure the awesome games will come eventually, but it would have been nice to have a few more at launch. The handheld's only must have title is Uncharted Golden Abyss.

IRetrouk2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

And wipeout and Marvel v Capcom and even more depending on what your into, I left game on launch day with 10 of the release games, bought 2 more the next day and bought dl games too, this no games argument is full on horse s..t, the system released with impressive software, features and price, it like the ps3 release all over again, Its actually starting to annoy me now and I know Ite stupid but bulls..t annoys me

AIndoria2787d ago

Depends. If anyone can make or break a console, it's Sony. A nice pricecut and more games would make the device a bestseller.

Arnagrim2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

The system is just over two months old in areas outside Japan, of course the game library isn't going to be at the same level as other consoles/handhelds that are out. Other handhelds had the same problem at launch. More games are coming soon.
On a slight tangent Sony really needs to kill off the PSP for a bit in Japan. I feel poor sales in Japan are due to the good dozen or so PSP RPGs and other Japan-oriented games (Persona 2, Growslanger, Gugnir, etc) being announced right after the Vita launch above anything else. At the moment there's not a ton of incentive for people to buy Vitas over there.

GribbleGrunger2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

why kill of the PSP in Japan. i don't mean to be rude but people need to stop thinking that Sony have the same mindset as fans. they're a business and it's all about making money. Sony WANT PSP and PS2 to carry on selling, they make them money.

more PSP sales over Vita sales isn't a bad thing for the PS brand in general. some of those that bought the PSP will also buy a Vita later on when more compelling games release. Sony have the PSP/PS2/PS3 making them money. all they need is a boost in sales of the Vita and they'll be pretty damned happy.

and don't forget that those that buy a PSP will eventually be able to download those same games on the Vita for nothing (providing they bought them online) with the added bonus of them using the duel stick set up.

Vita will be a slow burner to start with and then grow as the games release. it makes sense to be making money in the mean time. you can't entice devs and gamers to continue supporting your products for ten years (which Sony always do) by suddenly dropping support for the older product or forcing devs to drop development of PSP games they have already put months and months into.

Arnagrim2786d ago

I might have worded things poorly.
Obviously they want the PSP to sell, however the PSP is much cheaper to create now to the point where Sony likely makes a good portion of the sale of the PSP in profit because the hardware is so cheap to produce now, which is great.
The Vita on the other hand is much more expensive to produce and Sony as a result sees much less of each Vita sale as a profit opposed to the PSP, so by lowering the incentive to buy these systems Sony is just throwing away money to produce large quantities of Vitas to sit on shelves in Japan.
So when all these developers announce games for PSP right afterwards it gives consumers less reasons to purchase a Vita right away, which results in less profit for Sony (PSPs are around 100 bucks now, even if Sony made 100% of that back, which they don't, that's not even worth the price of manufacturing IMO).
Kill was the wrong word to use, phase out would have been better like the PS2 after the PS3 came out. A reason the 360 was able to garner such a large install base early was due to a complete termination of new software for the original Xbox, which forced consumers to get new hardware to continue to enjoy new games. Was it a dirty tactic? Probably, but it worked.
Basically Sony needs to find a way to make people feel if they don't have a Vita they're missing out.
As you said they're a business; and between the Vita and the necessary Memory Cards they likely make a good amount more in profit per Vita sold versus the PSP, which at this point does not have the price tag to net Sony a decent amount of money.
My post wasn't about being pro-consumer or pro-Sony's business, it was just about the economics of the Vita versus the PSP.

extermin8or2786d ago

Well Gravity Rush and Resistance:Burning Skies are out within a month or so of now :) they are both must buys in my opinion ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.