Trials Evolution Review (PlanetXbox360)

When RedLynx released Trials HD for Xbox Live Arcade a few years ago as part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade program, I don’t think they had any idea what kind of addictive flood gates they were opening. Or hey, maybe they did. Maybe they knew they were diabolical geniuses and would be drawing in millions of gamers to the strenuous but hardly impossible challenges that lied within this side-scrolling strategic racer. Overcoming obstacles, posting the best leaderboard times, and just simply SURVIVING to get to the next stage with at least a bronze medal…there was always something that kept you coming back for more. I can honestly say that while it delivered its moments of aggravation, it was still one of the better Xbox Live Arcade games out there.

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UltimaEnder2796d ago

Game is freaking awesome, get it!

JellyJelly2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

You got disagrees for saying that an awesome game is awesome. Oh, the jealous fanboys. :)

I just downloaded the trial demo, although I know I will most probably buy the full game right after I've tried it.

Tai_Kaliso2796d ago

I think the Xbox Live Arcade is a step above everything else, they seem to be getting these insanely amazing arcade titles that are larger and more fun than a lot of the full retail titles these days.

Glad they upped the Achievements to 400 as well for these kinds of titles, this is an amazing game!

Chuk52796d ago

I missed out on trials back in 09 ans got shadow complex instead.I always wanted to play it, so when they announced evolution, I was ready. My first hour with Evolution was pretty decent. But, when I started ghost attacking, then's when the game went to a whole neither level. Ghost attacking in that game makes you realize the true nuance of the gameplay despite how simple it seems. I dig evolution.