Higher than expected digital downloads says THQ - Oh dear

Digital downloads contribute to THQ's more positive projections, but at what cost to consumers?

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Sanetoshi2789d ago

I generally don't have a problem with DLC, bar some exceptions, so I'm glad that it's helping the industry during a time when it seems to be struggling.

ravinash2789d ago

I don't think most people mind if they feel it's adding something to an already complete game.
A little bit of DLC that changes the game to a point that it feels completely new is great.
I don't anyone complained when the were the extra stories for GTA4 for example.

But sometimes there are companies who want to cash in and are lazy about how they do it.

bunt-custardly2789d ago

I can almost see the THQ board members rubbing their hands with glee with the mentality "ahh, the suckers bought more DLC than we thought they would... Bwahh hahah haa."

Business model:

1, make 10 hour game
2, shorten it to 5 hours
3, sell 5 hour game at full price
4, offer 1 hour as free DLC to make them think we have their best interests at heart
5, sell remaining 4 hours as PDLC.
6, shareholders happy.

Ka ching.