The Gender Blind Myth

PixlBit | Geek culture is changing, evolving. No longer banished to the recesses of poorly lit basements or the local comic book store, Geek culture is permeating into mainstream society. Social gaming has unlocked a whole new market of avid gamers, while ‘high profile geeks’ like Felicia Day and Will Wheaton are proving just how versatile we geeks can be.

Sounds like a dream, right? Finally the rest of society is seeing what makes being a geek so great.

There’s a backlash however; those who are not so welcoming of the evolving state of our identity, our cultural niche. Is it fear of dilution? Will we lose our potency if the ‘casuals’ are allowed to partake in our favorite pastimes? Or is it simply our human nature, are we bound to inexplicitly fight the tides of change in an act of futility?

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