Sony has "fallen blindly in love with its brand" says marketing expert

According to a recent New York Times article, Hiroko Tabuchi seems to think Sony has become somewhat obsessed with itself.

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Gordo7892399d ago

Sony, stop making overpriced TVs and laptops and stereos and shit. Focus on Playstation, it is your only good brand.

insomnium22399d ago

No I'm pretty sure the TVs and stuff are actually quite good in terms of quality.

Emilio_Estevez2399d ago

In general everything is very high quality, but the prices are very high compared to cheap Chinese brands which are a dime a dozen.

Snookies122399d ago

TVs, yeah... Other stuff, no... However I do agree that they need to primarily focus on their game industry.

Megaman_nerd2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

TV are good but overpriced compared to Samsung's. And what about those laptops? Go to their website and look how much they cost; almost the same as a MacBook!

Diver2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

sonys supposed lack of sight is nothing compared to the blind idiotic foaming mouth hate sony has been given by media. toomany of these fake journos are in love with their own ego. webbies like kotaku and cnet an many others, yeah I'm talking bout you dan hsu, have been unbelievable

Game4life2399d ago

I have to disagree on their tvs. I recently only spent like 500 on a new 40 1080p tv and others were more expensive

LightofDarkness2399d ago

They really aren't, certainly not when compared to competitors like LG and Samsung. Most of their recent TVs have been abysmally under developed and over priced, particularly in the 3D area. I would urge people to look up reviews for these rather than just take my word for it (reputable sites like HDTVTest, flatpanelsHD etc).

Gordo7892399d ago

I didn't say they weren't high quality. I said they were overpriced.

ABizzel12399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Their problem is that they're still living in the 90's and early 2000's. Times have changed and their audience has changed. The people who grew up with PlayStation will still buy it, but now there's a entirely new audience here as well as Sony has done nothing to entice them to join the PlayStation bandwagon.

Kids 1 - 18, don't really know of PlayStation, because Xbox came out when they were capable of gaming, and Nintendo has ruled the 1 - 12 age group since the dawn of gaming. SOny has done nothing to win them over, and they are one of the largest groups of gamers out there, and one of the biggest spenders since they still have parents supporting them in most cases.

20 - 40. This is Sony's bread and butter. They know Sony products are great, and they probably had every PS system, and probably a Sony TV, separate Blu Ray, and some other kind of Sony device. The problem is there are other brands out there that are as good as Sony (gaming is debatable), and they're still Pro Sony, but they're also dabbling in other mediums.

Sony needs to re-market themselves as the product for everyone. Maybe they should drop the "It only does everything" and use "it's only for everyone". They have a serious public image problem, because their public image basically doesn't exist outside of gaming, and in the US that has dwindled as well.

SilentNegotiator2399d ago

Good thing you're not CEO, Gordo. Sony is still in a position where they can change their ways instead of just dumping industries that they're a part of.

callahan092399d ago

Why is Samsung so much more successful than Sony? I've been TV shopping lately, and Samsung is by far the most expensive brand. The Sony quality seems pretty good compared to Samsung, not sure which is better, but they seem very close to me, but the Sony is a lot cheaper than the Samsung from the shopping around I've done.

lastdual2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Many of Sony's TVs are actually manufactured by Samsung.

Sony makes very few electronic devices in-house these days. They farm out the manufacturing to other companies and slap the Sony brand name on it.

The quality of the devices therefore varies, but the bottom line is that in virtually any sector, the direct manufacturer is going to provide an equal or better quality product for a lower price. In the case of TVs, Samsung's own TVs are going to be just as good as the ones they make for Sony and on average are going to be more affordable.

tokugawa2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

stay away from sony tvs. listen, i am not trying to ruffle anyones feathers. but i laid out €/$1400 or £1200 for a 46" 3D bravia last year, and the 3D is abysmal!!!!

what was worse, was the fact that because it was a brand new 2011 model, all the reviews came out after i bought it! and all of them slating the 3D, and describing the exact same problems that i have.

i know n4g is not the place to say anything remotely negative about sony. but the fact is, this is not the 90s or the 00s. sonys electrical goods are no longer ahead of their nearest competitors quality wise, just ahead of them price wise.

you can now buy something that is equal or outperforms a sony product cheaper. frankly, playstations are the only sony products i will buy from now on.

having sony wrote on something now doesnt merit the premium pricetag which normally comes with it

@ callahan, it depends on what models. the samsung d8000 is more expensive than "some" sony models but not all. yet, said samsung is an amazing set, and competes with sonys top of the range sets with ease..... and is cheaper!

sony are being outperformed and outpriced by samsung. lg are catching up, and panasonic tvs are better than sonys. i regret buying mine everytime i pop a 3D film on. waste of money for me

Christopher2399d ago

By that logic, Tokugawa, I say everyone should buy only Sony because the 52" XBR9 TV I have is a great piece of hardware and at the time it was bought costs less than what I would have paid for similar quality from Sony's competitors.

Not all of Sony's products are bad. The problem is that those that sell the best likely don't net Sony as much money as those they price higher. Furthermore, Sony overextends themselves in the R&D department.

sikbeta2399d ago


What's the point of selling High Quality TVs @ $2000/$3000 when it cost $3000 and above to make?

None, ditch that s*** already, they can't sink the whole corporation just to be competitive against Samsung and LG

TVs is not a growing market anymore, add all the gimmicks you want and it won't pick up, the only thing that can save TVs are Autostereoscopy 3D and that s*** it's not coming in years because the tech is so f***ing expensive for mass consumers right now, it's out of the question


Basically, Sony, you ain't Apple and you can't get away with overpriced s***, ditch all those expensive TVs and put that money in better stuff that can make you profit instead of bleeding like no one else... XP

Boody-Bandit2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Last year Sony had the overall number 3 TV last year in terms of overall quality and performance BUT they were number one overall for an LED display.

#1 Pansonic (plasma)
#2 Samsung (plasma)
#3 Sony (LED)

So I'm not sure how anyone can say Sony doesn't make quality products unless they are clueless or simply trolling. They had the best LED on the market the past 2 years running and this year might make it 3.

This coming from a guy that purchased 3 "Samsung" D8000 LEDs for my gaming rig several months ago but ONLY because of their micro small bezels.

If not for my wanting the super tiny bezels I would've went with triple Sony LX900s.

badz1492399d ago

I would say they are among the best in its class! personally I have a 51" Samsung Plasma 3D myself but I got it because at the same price, I can only get Sony's 3D 40" LED!

the thing is, Sony indeed makes quality products but the sad thing is, quality come 2nd after price! many customers are happy with a slightly lower quality product for less which is not a Sony's practice! if you want to know who's really overcharging for their TVs, it's Samsung! Samsung has in-house LCD plant while Sony actually have to buy LCDs from Samsung! Samsung can manufacture their TVs way cheaper than Sony but reality is, they cost around the same and some even cost way more!

Legion2399d ago

Quality is not necessarily the point.... it is quality in correlation to price. When you can get basically the same TV or laptop... (or camera for that matter) and get the same quality product at a better price then that is basically why they need to refocus their pricing and the Sony brand needing to be more expensive. (which is directly what Sony heads think... that people expect to pay more for Sony products because of the brand and lowering the price would be like saying they aren't better)

ShinMaster2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )


Most of this has little to do with gaming itself, but some people just wanna watch Sony fail at anything.

Kurt Russell2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

That Shin, or people on this site are quick to jump to their defense. More people in the posts above are backing Sony than hating on them.

Me, I'm in the brigade of "who gives a ****" it's just a company to me, like all the others.

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NastyLeftHook02399d ago

"it is your only good brand"

no way! i love sony stereos, there tv's and especially there headphones, i had a pair that lasted me 10 years and there still working, no other brand of headphones ever did anything remotely as good.

Gordo7892399d ago

I did forget their car tape deck to 3.5mm adapter. That thing ROCKS. I think it's still the only good one on the market.

stevenhiggster2399d ago

Yep Sony's home and professional audio equipment is very good. Their car audio stuff, not so much.
I am a DJ and for many a year I have used Sony headphones (MDR V700) and they are by far the best headphones in their price range.

Persistantthug2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

If we're talking home audio, and you want THE BEST stuff, then you would be looking at brands like DENON, YAMAHA, MARTIN LOGAN, KLIPSCH, BOSTON ACOUSTICS, B&W, POLK AUDIO, HARMON KARDON, ONKYO, MC'INTOSH....etc.

For Car audio...I think Alpine is still considered good....ECLIPSE AUDIO certainly is.

Sony doesn't even make the best headphones. They make decent ones....but certainly not the best.

I'm something of an audio aficionado....a musician actually, so I just thought I'd put that out there.

Edit in....
For anyone that knows: Does Sony still make their "ES" line of audio?

Arnon2399d ago

Yeah, I was about to say that I doubt Sony's audio quality competes with companies like Harmon Kardon and Sennheiser..

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mynameisEvil2399d ago

It's sad, really, because Sony used to be pretty much the largest company when it came to electronic things (aside from Microsoft with their computers beating everyone in everything).

Now look at it. The only thing that's really turning a profit is the PlayStation branch. Their TVs are top-notch, I have to say, but when there's other brands that offer a similar quality standard for a much cheaper price, brand loyalty isn't enough.

It's been something I didn't want to say for a while now because they DO put out quality electronics, but every other branch just needs to shut down, really. The other branches simply aren't making a profit in this economy the world has now. It is comforting, however, to think of Sony as an all-gaming brand. Hell, if the other branches were gone, they'd be able to market their games like Microsoft does. it'd be awesome, admittedly.

torchic2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

another thing is that the designers at Sony have been lazy. just take a look at Apple. all their products are designed so well. hate Apple or love them, they design some amazingly beautiful products.

Sony on the other hand. you just have to look at the PSV to see what I'm talking about. boring, uninspired design. all their TV's are so boring. I hope Kaz pushes the idea of better designed products.

YodaCracker2399d ago

And the saddest thing of all is that, while the PlayStation brand may currently be the only thing bringing in a profit for them, it is only a shadow of what it was last gen with the PS2. These truly are some dark times for Sony and I hope they can find a way to turn things around.

MariaHelFutura2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

You can't stop making sh!t, you'll die!!!

ritsuka6662399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

It is true many external factors are making up for Sony loss. in PS area,i see most of Sony products quality decay a lot in this gen compared of awesome days of PS2.

Sony is slowly losing its role as a major harcore player, and I'm certain is inevitable.

Strange_Evil2399d ago

They need to stop spreading themselves too thin. That affects everything in general, none of the department get the attention it deserves and in the in everything is in the red. I don't like to pull a comparison, but Sony should do what Apple is doing... Focus on a few key product, but make sure they are the best products in the market.

As of now, they just need to unify each division, establish a single R&D, create an Eco-System of services that you can include in your products such as PS4 or the next gen Xperia handsets, Sony TV's etc...

They need to first check the places where they are bleeding.One example: Why isn't the PS Vita getting it's own Appstore like the iPhone where 1$ games are available? They can't sit on their laurels and hope that the Vita sells so developers support it. Sheez you had the gaming industry by the balls 4-5 years back and you cannot force the current devs to port games for the Vita? I am not saying scrap the PS Vita games, but at least allow devs to put 1$ games like Angry Birds/Draw something and stuff one finds on an iPhone on your console. Why is that so hard? You earn, developers earn, people are happy... It amazes me that big companies cannot figure this out.

Above is just one of the examples as to why Sony isn't what it was used to. They need to evolve with the trends. I love my PS3 and really hope that they make a killer PS4...

violents2399d ago

they do have angry birds for the vita.

skrug2399d ago

" cannot force the current devs to port games for the Vita?"

Maybe they don't want them to port games, they want brand new ones...

DebateMaster2399d ago

Its a good thing you don't do business.

Crystallis2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Their Laptops and TV's are very high quality. The problem is the pricing. They are more expensive then other products and those products are just as good. Samsung comes to mind.

Gordo-"I didn't say they weren't high quality. I said they were overpriced"

But you said the playstation is their only good brand and that's just not true.

@Gordo- Understandable.

Gordo7892399d ago

I can see where you might have got the impression that I was deriding the quality of their other brands. What I meant by "good brand" was a brand that was actually successful commercially and not just causing them to bleed money year after year.

FatGayandbald2399d ago

I actually like their tv`s,i`ve had a few lg,samsung,tosh and i found sony and LG seem to be best,but yeh lower the prces slighty and i think they would do well.

raytraceme2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

sony's audio department is one of their better departmemnts and is loved by the audiophile community.

Sony makes some of the best cameras as well.

Their Media departments makes them good money.

Sony needs to compete better in their mobile division.

Sony needs to fund their tv deparment less and come out with a one size fits all tv with 5 models of different sizes nothing more nothing less.

Their gaming division is of top quality and I applaud Sony for that.

Sony does need better marketing.

Also lets not forget Sony can't die and if they do their assets are worth in the likes of over $100 billion. They are that old of a company and are ip rich.

violents2399d ago

agreed, sony is one of those companies that's been around for so long they are almost too big to fail. The sony corp employs too many people if they were to go under it would cause a huge ripple in the market, not to mention millions of people would be out of work.

dropping some of the depts that are bleeding money and reinvesting that into marketing and super high quality next gen equiptment, and not just game systems(tv's, laptops, mp3 players) is where they can make up their losses. It won't bounce back for a couple years but it would be a good start.

andibandit2399d ago

4billion deficit says hello

iceman062399d ago have got's not necessarily the products. Look at Apple. There are plenty of competitive products for the Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod (which are overpriced), but they continue to sell. Sony really needs a comprehensive make-over when it comes to advertising. There is rarely a presence in TV advertising of Sony products outside of video games. Just seeing the products drives consumer demand. Look at how Microsoft, despite all of their issues, has brought the Xbox 360 to the forefront. It's not that they have the best or most powerful product (that's a debate for another time). It's that they spent themselves into the minds of the consumers. I am not saying that Sony needs to spend $500,000,000 in ads. They just need a more consistent advertising push.

chaos-lockheart2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Actually if you open up a Sony product you will see how they make theirs compare to other companies. a lot of thought is put into it, that's why its more costly. like what screws they use where they put it how they put it together.if sony can shove a power brick into a ps3 without any issues then i dont see why other products cant

cas852399d ago

keep making TVs and laptops and stereos and shit but price them accordingly

Awesome_Gamer2399d ago

Sony products are always high quality not just PlayStation

LackTrue4K2399d ago

"I do not like this post. I will go to the other article where they talk about the rumor MS raising there LIVE fee's again"


I have to agree about their TVs. I bought a 60" KDS-60A2000 HDTV in 2006. It lasted 5 years but it came with a faulty optical block design. Over the years the screen turned green because of this defect. There is no fix unless you replace the optical block. I spent 2000 dollars on this TV and bought all Sony products to enhance my PS3 gaming experience. The receiver still works great, DVD player works great, Hi8 video camera works great, PSP works great....but that TV I expected to last 10 years even if there were some fixable breakdowns. The optical block issue was a design defect that should never have happened....not from a company like Sony who's been around long enough to know better.

I bought the 24" 3D gaming TV they advertised too. You know the one that is made for the PS3. The only problems I've had for this 3 month old TV is that the menus don't always work and the screen blacks out periodically while gaming. Outside of their TVs I've had zero issues with the Sony brand....even the fat PS3 model which still works good today.

showtimefolks2399d ago

i have always believed in quality and believe that you get what you pay for. I have 2 sony LCD tv's and had sony devices before too. Never had any issues while i really can not say the same about samsung,lg,philips etc,,,,

do i think their TV are over prices 100% yes. They need to compete with other TV makers on prices since their quality is already better than everyone else.

also focus on playstation and expand it going forward, don't push ps4 until fall 2014 even if that means being last to the market. I think ps3 had proved that one year of head start hasn't done as much as people thought. PS3 has been selling well worldwide since launch. So focus on supporting ps3 with great software and psn in my opinion is already very good and its free

Rageanitus2399d ago

I find their TV's very good... its the sound systems they have that suck....

The cameras are mediocre but priced right, the computers are overpriced.... but they tend to look nicer than your typical toshiba/hp lappys.

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Bleucrunch2399d ago

I think the issue is their products are over priced and they are not able to justify them when their competitors are releasing similar items that are cheaper...Remember Sony thought the word "Playstation" would be enough to sell the over priced PS3 back in 2006 and we all know how that went. They need to figure it out...its not like they make bad products or anything....they make pretty darn good products and they are high quality products at that...they will figure it out...hmph THEY BETTER!

Outside_ofthe_Box2399d ago

The PS3 was not overpriced. Sony was selling it at a loss. If anything it was under-priced.

2399d ago
Outside_ofthe_Box2399d ago

It's expensive not overpriced. The PS3 was expensive for the market not overpriced. Overpriced implies that you are paying more for it than it is actually worth.

And I do agree, the PS3 was too high of a price at the time it launch, which is why I waited until the price dropped in order to buy one.

2399d ago
thebudgetgamer2399d ago

"Remember Sony thought the word "Playstation" would be enough to sell the over priced PS3 back in 2006 and we all know how that went"

Yea, they sold like nine million of them.

Condemnedman2399d ago

Yes but has it reallly done that much more than the xbox ? They put themselves in a silly position for a tiny bit of extra power when very few games take avantage of it . And they are still playing catch up wether you like it or not. This is coming from a man who has,a Sony TV , amp 2 ps3's and is typing this on a Sony phone .

thebudgetgamer2398d ago

I never implied one was better than the other, Just stated that the word Playstation is the reason it did not die at almost seven hundred dollars.

DrPepper2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

problem with sony is the fact that they built their company from the ground up and established the fact that if it was a sony product then its quality. now recent years have shown that sony overprice their TV's and other electronics and this is exactly where the famous quote "i'm buying this "something" for its name only" sure the product is quality but there is other brands that are just as good and cheaper. basically what i'm trying to get at is that sony thinks that they can just sell and overprice products off brand recognition alone, but obviously that hasn't worked for them lately since they keep losing money.

AtomicGerbil2399d ago

Yet Apple get a free pass for doing the same or worse.

TheTwelve2399d ago

Apple has a lock on the estrogen market, is why.

DrPepper2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

well thats how business works your big one day and the next your not. Apple will have it's day especially with Steve Jobs being dead. there is no visionary to lead that company anymore, so expect the unexpected.

Shazz2399d ago

the 24inch 3d display is hitting the uk priced at 450 pounds , things like that will hurt sony

SandwichHammock2399d ago

You know what. I picked up this display 2 weeks ago for 299. For the most part, its an excellent buy for that price with a few small issues (most of which can be fixed by setting adjustment). ...BUT... It is by no means worth the original 499 asking price, that was just silly.