Media Create hardware sales (4/9 – 4/15)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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insomnium22791d ago

There you have it folks. This week + last week combined is 32k difference in favour to PS3 against X360. The entire month in NPD is covered in a slow 2 weeks period in Japan. Talk about insignificant region right......?

cynosure2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

You need to add the total sales of the PS3 and 360 in NA for every year and do the same in Japan and then look at the difference.Its stupid to do it for just one month

insomnium22791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Why is it stupid? Because it defeats the purpose of "Yeah look at that X360 winning with an avalanche of 34k consoles in NA last month. NA+X360 rulez!" and the likes? Whatever rocks your boat dude....smh... This really shouldn't be that high level of math for you to figure out. 34k-32k is 2k and there's still 2 weeks to go.

Even though the NPD news concentrate on NA alone it doesn't mean people don't care about the big picture. Nobody in their right mind would be saying "WOOT look at that PS3 it's a monster" while looking at Media Create numbers if X360 would be making the gap bigger in ww numbers. Noone should be that dumb....

Dante1122791d ago

@ insomnuim

Yeah, alot of people were mentioning how that 60k/34k/40k was still a lead in the US was enough to keep Sony back this year. Sony make those number up in Japan though. (Jan NPD difference-60k, Feb 40k, March 34k).

TheUnbiasedLion2791d ago

Just so people don't have to click the link and so its high up the comments i am replying to you.

3DS – 63,796
PS3 – 17,765
PSP – 13,166
Vita – 8,250
Wii – 6,837
Xbox 360 – 1,373
PS2 – 1,212
DSi LL – 800
DSi – 633

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

3DS – 72,115
PS3 – 19,370
PSP – 14,804
Vita – 8,931
Wii – 7,099
Xbox 360 – 3,764
PS2 – 1,355
DSi LL – 793
DSi – 743

AWBrawler2791d ago

Who disagreed with posting numbers so we don't click?

ozstar2790d ago

@AWBrawler, no idea, but they were responsible for taking one of my bubbles away last week.

Petty fanboys, or bloggers at Nintendoeverything i suspect.

LX-General-Kaos2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Judging by the trusted tally up from the Media Create hardware sales, the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system has dominated in sales for another week. Showing that the Nintendo brand is stronger than ever, delivering consistent strong sales and staying power. Not only landing a seat in 1st place as far as handheld entertainment goes, but also as number 1 in unit sales as far as gaming platforms go over all.

The build up to these outstanding sales did not come easy for Nintendo. Hard work and dedication played a major role in the success of the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system. With superior innovative tech pushing the device to new heights, backed by a consistent shower of AAA Nintendo quality exclusive content. The very same exclusive content that has yet to fail to live up to the golden standards of Nintendo quality game experiences. The Nintendo 3DS entertainemt system put up a monsterous battle and earned its way into the back pockets of the elite Nintendo supporters of Japan.

I am honored to see the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system doing well in Japan, and world wide in fact. I hope that Nintendo keep up the great work and continue to thrive as they have been since the launch of the device. This is just the beginning of the great crusade, and expect many more eye popping announcements from Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS during the Nintendo press event during E3 2012. Have a great day and happy gaming.

Rated E For Everyone

Optical_Matrix2791d ago

Oh please, you're not Dark Sniper, and never will be.

TheFirstClassic2791d ago

Actually, I'm pretty positive he IS dark sniper, another account.

LX-General-Kaos2791d ago

@ Optical_Matrix

+bubbles for helpful and staying on topic.

360GamerFG2791d ago

Why would anyone want to be darksniper?

1Victor2791d ago

@LX do you work for Nintendo because your comment reads like a press release.
Congratulations to all 3 on a hard earned victory.

ozstar2790d ago

Yes, well were not all so lucky to work for Sony.

Well not anymore.....

ThePsychoGamer2791d ago

"beginning of the great crusade,"

A crusade to stop gamers from being to play gamess from any region they want? Sorry that's not a great crusade, and I'm sure a lot hope that Nintendo's crusade on region free gaming fails.

AWBrawler2791d ago

Suuuuure suuuuuuuuuuure ignore the 3DS

cynosure2791d ago

Sad to see Vita selling so low after only 4 months

wumster2791d ago

You're right about that..but damn I love mine. I'm not going to lie about it. It's a great handheld.

Dante1122791d ago

What even sadder are the 360 numbers. They dropped again to 1k and are now back to fighting with the PS2 for the 6th spot.

cynosure2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Well yeah the 360 has been dead in Japan for ages.They don't even sell it in most stores over there.It launched there 6 years ago
Not sure why you needed to mention this or how it is sadder???
A console that has been dead for years versus a handheld that lauched 4 months ago

360GamerFG2791d ago

Yeah no, VITA failing at home is much sadder. Sony's financial woes and all. . .:(

Goeres2791d ago

Got a vita on release but it feels like Sony has given up already, it really does. I think I've seen 2 commercials in Sweden regarding the Vita, Game, Gamestop doesnt even stock the games in some stores.. at all!

:/ Better show something spectacular at E3 Sony.

After the disaster that was "Gaming Heaven" I can't help but feeling a bit cheated, the games announced looked quite sad. Hell, one of the announcements was an "idea" that might happen.

ksense2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

what are you talking about? there is still gravity rush, mortal kombat, lbp, resistance, sound shapes, coming out in the next month or so. then there is cod, assassin's creed,persona 4, bioshock, dragon's crown, ea sports games most probably later on in the year.

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