The Witcher 2 'it's about pushing the limit again and again'


In this exclusive interview Ziemak reveals why they make unashamedly mature games, the challenges of creating huge non-linear gaming experiences and what he's most looking forward to personally from the next generation of consoles. It's a good read, so without further ado, we'll let you crack on.

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Psychotica2375d ago

Yes, non-linear gaming is what I love..

Crap_Turtle2375d ago

compared to skyrim its down right on rails........

Its very very linear and thats what people love about it

sonicsidewinder2375d ago

but there are numerous 'moral grey' choices which actually fork the plotline in a noticeable way.

In ways you might not be able to forsee. It might be a good choice in the short term, but then later, maybe even hours into the game, that choice you made will make something you totally didn't expect happen. Or maybe something not happen at all.

It's a 'good' kind of linearity.

Crap_Turtle2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

moral choices arent a factor in terms of a linear game or not......... they arent that important at all let alone this discussion

SaffronCurse2375d ago

What's wrong with linear games?

Psychotica2375d ago

Every time you go back to it it's the same exact thing. Non-linear games allow you to explore, create your own fun etc.

Crap_Turtle2375d ago

More BS from CVG

"Games like Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalar and the Witcher 2 show the gaming public still have a huge appetite for RPGs, what do you think is the lasting appeal of the genre?"

Dont you think pokemon, which sells 15+ million units on a single freaking system proves people love rpgs? Or the fact that from the east and west this gen has the most? arguably