Sony’s 3D PlayStation Display Now Available In Europe

"Remember the 3D monitor that Sony showed off at last year’s E3? It’s been out in the US for a while now but I’ve been keeping an eye out for a European release and have been disappointed… until now!"

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bunt-custardly2375d ago

£449 is still rather high priced as far as I'm concerned no matter how good the TV is.

NukaCola2375d ago

I bought this TV brand new for $300 and I have to say it's amazing. I use it for gaming of course and it's a flawlessly perfecto monitor for my laptop to connect to. I watch and stream tons in HD to it and Skype with my wife as well. I just really love the quality of this TV.

SaffronCurse2375d ago

Can you hook it up to a pc as a monitor? Sorry im new to pc gaming :S

Fishy Fingers2375d ago

Lol... Yes this isn't the 80s. Any HD tv can double as a monitor, that's all they are.

LightofDarkness2375d ago

If your PC outputs HDMI, yes. However, the dot-pitch and image sharpness are not great, as such text will be difficult to read. It would be wise to pursue another monitor for PC use.

As well as this, the monitor does not operate at a true refresh rate of 120hz/240hz, but the interpolated kind found on most HDMI 1.4 3DTVs. This means active stereoscopic 3D and 120hz gaming are off the cards (the TV only accepts a 60hz input), so no Nvidia 3D-Vision.

Apparently the screen is glossy too, which is a pretty big negative if you're in a brightly lit room.

It's not a great TV, but it's pretty good. For the price, you'll probably find a better and cheaper alternative in a PC monitor.

Baka-akaB2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Yeah either for console gaming or as a pc monitor you can definitively get a better price/quality ratio . Still good however .

Hell for 200 more you can easily get a 42" panasonic plasma model , one of the best gaming tv all around , and with even a decent 3d

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Fishy Fingers2375d ago

Nice TV, but overpriced for its size(no surprise Sony), and for me too small to bother with 3D.

aDDicteD2375d ago

they should release a much bigger version

JellyJelly2375d ago

24 inch is too small for gaming, if you ask me. I'm buying a new TV soon and I'm looking at a 47 inch 3DTV, and it's only slightly more expensive than this overpriced monitor.

tokugawa2375d ago

stay away from sony tvs. listen, i am not trying to ruffle anyones feathers. but i laid out €/$1400 or £1200 for a 46" 3D bravia last year, and the 3D is abysmal!!!!

what was worse, was the fact that because it was a brand new 2011 model, all the reviews came out after i bought it! and all of them slating the 3D, and describing the exact same problems that i have.

i know n4g is not the place to say anything remotely negative about sony. but the fact is, this is not the 90s or the 00s. sonys electrical goods are no longer ahead of their nearest competitors quality wise, just ahead of them price wise.

you can now buy something that is equal or outperforms a sony product cheaper. frankly, playstations are the only sony products i will buy from now on.

having sony wrote on something now doesnt merit the premium pricetag which is normally next to it

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