THQ Stock Hits an All Time Low. Is a Takeover Imminent or Do Potential Buyers Watch it Burn?

Joel Taveras writes, "On Tuesday April 17th, THQ (THQI) shares dipped 2 cents to close out the day at $0.45. Under normal circumstances, such a small amount would seem insignificant for any other game publisher. For THQ, it’s 4% of the company’s worth."

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taz80802787d ago

I can see someone like EA purchasing them. Then they can make MMA games again.

LOGICWINS2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I guess Dana White might have to swallow his pride and work with EA. So what if EA rejected him at one point saying that MMA wasn't a "real sport"? If theres money to be made, chances are he will do it. He proved that with Couture vs. Toney.

In the end, it'll just be a better game for all of us.

Take EA MMA's production values, physics engine, and transition system and combine that with UFC Undisputed's complex move set and wide range of popular fighters and your guaranteed to have the best combat sports franchise out there.

DaveMan2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

From VG247 today:

"Shares in THQ saw the biggest jump in “two decades” today after announcing its Q4 estimates and banner shipping figures for Saints Row: The Third. Stock prices were up by 45% at zenith this morning, the largest increase increase since 1991. Good news for the firm as shares in it peaked at $36.39 during April 2007, and fell 90% over the last year after plaguing financial issues. THQ will report its Q4 results on May 15."

So I'm not sure exactly what's going on..bad reporting on dual shocker i'm guessing,.

guitarded772787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I think Activision would be a better fit for THQ. Activision could use some titles like Darksiders, Saint's Row and Homefront to add to their action library. Right now everything is CoD and some licensed titles. If EA acquired THQ, I'm affraid some games would get buried since EA already has a lot of support going to action and sports games.

BuffMordecai2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Activision isn't much better. If a developer performs under expectations, they will fire the team, just like Bizarre Creations. That developer had an excellent track record, but all it took was Blur selling below expectations, and they dissolved the team. Activision even let go of that True Crime game, which would have sold well; now Square Enix has the rights to it. Unless a game can be milked to death or has guaranteed sales coming, Activision won't take the risk. I believe Square Enix would be a good fit for THQ's IPs; while they are not as big as the other two publishers, they would give the games a chance to excel.

majiebeast2787d ago

Thats what you get for spending 100mil on udraw for ps3 and 360 anyone couldve told them it wasnt gonna work but they did it anyway and now they are getting punished for it.

I dont ever wanna see ea buying thq its where developers go to die.

ilikestuff2787d ago

can't remember the last time i was even slightly interested in a thq game, maybe wrestling for the ps2. does thq make wrestling? either way it doesn't matter, i feel bad for the people who'll lose their jobs but otherwise oh well

falcon2622787d ago

I still think Saints Row III is one of the best experiences to come out last year. A very well done game. However deciding to release it in a crowded 2011 holiday season seem to have hurt more than helped both the developer volition and publisher THQ. Out of all their franchises Red faction and Saints Row are the only ones I care about.

OC_MurphysLaw2787d ago

I sadly think a "Midway" scenario is more likely to happen. THQ has some good IP's and then they have a bunch of not so good IP's.. same holds true with the dev teams. I think companies would rather just pick the bones then have to deal with the nightmare that is THQ right now.

NYC_Gamer2787d ago

THQ and their stupid business choices

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