Shadowrun Returns, Hopefully Here To Stay

Shadowrun. For those that know it, nothing else needs be said. For those who aren’t familiar with the name, it is a traditional pencil and paper role-playing system set in the near future. The “Sixth World”, where magic has returned, dragons have emerged from hiding and creatures both mysterious and deadly stalk the world again. Many humans “Goblinize” into orks and trolls while some human children are being born as elves and dwarves and other ancient races. Mega-corporations rule the world, and only the SINless (those without System Identification Numbers) can hide in the shadows cast by the corporate arcologies on the gritty streets below. It’s a wonderful blend of traditional fantasy, cyberpunk, horror, crime and conspiracy. And it’s been an incredibly popular setting for endless players over the years.

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thorstein2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

It is here to stay. They have more than met their monetary goals, now it is expanding upon those goals and the game. I already pledged 15 to it (free digital download) but I will get it retail too.

Plus it is being made by the designers of the original games from SNES and Genesis, I believe.

AdamTaylor2396d ago

This project is thankfully successful. We can only hope that this means a resurgence in true Shadowrun games that are of the same caliber.

The problem with the FPS game that was released is that while it had the Shadowrun name attached to it, they basically ignored the deep and rich background that was established and essentially just used some of the imagery while making something very far from the source.