Pure Chess Hits PlayStation Vita

Ripstone, an independent UK publisher specialising in digitally distributed videogames, have today announced the launch of their first title for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita). The company’s first title, Pure Chess, is available from today for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s newest format.

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Akuma-2401d ago

Wicked, I can't wait to buy this. It would be nice if there was a ps3 version that supports cross play ps3 to ps vita

SandwichHammock2400d ago

Not available in the NA store the last time I checked...wait, checking again. Nope. Blast you!

FatGayandbald2400d ago

monkey tournament was easy,second tournament im stuck on lol,god knows what im gonna do when i get to grandmaster tournament,hopefully some cheats lol.I use to be good at chess as a kid.