Call of Duty 4 will get updates in the near future

Ps3 Fanboy writes:

"This is coming straight from the studio that brought us the PS3 title in question: Call of Duty 4. There have been issues with the PS3 version of the game for a while and some of these issues have been addressed. More keep creeping up, though. Infinity Ward is on the job, though -- "I'm going to have an update for you in the near future (probably tomorrow) regarding the server issues you may have experienced over the holiday break while attempting to play online in Call of Duty 4 PS3; this update should give you all the background information on the issue and some fixes that should be going into effect."

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CNIVEK3937d ago the 360 version has experienced the same issues, since launch. I find it annoying that IW has ignored these problems for so long, and has even allowed MS to take 100% of the heat for problems playing on LIVE the past 2 weeks. They had the exact same problems with COD2, and finally fixed them after about 6 weeks ; I guess they didn't learn their lesson from that.

Snukadaman3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

other then the problems with xbox live ...theres no problems playing cod4 on xbox 360......even with xbox live being down I logged in 20 hours...for the past 2 weeks...went into prestige mode...jumped from level 29 too gamertag is snukademan..seeing your bio you dont even have a xbox gamertag...quit trying too be a f*cking troll.

dr pepper..there are problems with cod4...but they are being caused from the xbox live you even read comments or what...and this douchebag doesnt have a xbox live gamertag in his bio, im pointing it out yet im being paranoid??

Dr Pepper3937d ago

I was having more problems today with CoD4. Any yes, Snukadaman, I have a gamertag so stop being so paranoid. There are problems with CoD online for the 360 as well.

CNIVEK3937d ago

I tried to explain by PM that there was no way I was a troll (not that any LOGICAL person would consider my post as "trolling" anyway), and was in fact an avid 360 fan. I even gave him my LIVE gamertag to check out my games and gamerscore. He replied with more insane "#@*$%! you troll" bullsh1t, rather than accept the obvious facts. He's really not worth a second thought, or even the trouble of putting on ignore. :o

Bolts3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

There are problems with both version. Lag, disconnects, etc etc. However the PS3 version have this extremely annoying host end game issue that IWD have yet to solve. Lets face it, CoD 4's dynamic host is a total failure. It sucks and isnt working as intended and I'm not even sure if they can get to work get as intended.

Only the PC with it's dedicated servers doesn't any of these issues. If this isn't yet another case for dedicated servers then I don't know what is.

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skyline20033937d ago

I havent had too many issues. The only issue i had was the game kinda got stuck saying loading game settings. But i think i was just being impatient. I reloaded the game and it did it again and took like 2-3 minutes to finish. Usually it only takes about 5-10 seconds at the most.

CNIVEK3937d ago

...because it's been a widespread problem for a long time, and got a LOT worse when LIVE started having issues. I've been at rank 55 since mid-November (no "Prestige" BS for me, thanks), and have logged well over 80 hours with it online.

Nameless3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

It is sad that they are ignoring the 360 version. If the 360 never gets this fix I know I will have no problem finding another shooter like Ghost Recon or Rainbow 6. These guys are worst then Microsoft when it comes to the 360 version. At least Microsoft admitted that there is a problem with Live. They did the same thing with Call Of Duty 2 like someone else said.

jackdoe3937d ago

That's nice IW, but this fvcking patch was promised for end of 2007. I think we Cod4 PS3 owners have waited long enough.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3937d ago

Good to hear that PS3 is getting that patch soon, I completely stopped playing and waited for this patch. Finally I can get my gold Ak-47.

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