Call of Duty's Lackluster March Isn't Indicative of Much


Generally speaking, the videogame industry sees the sale of games come primarily at launch before quickly tapering out. Nintendo games and Call of Duty games are some of the few exceptions to this. Whereas even many big titles will disappear from the NPD sales charts within a few months of launch, the latest Call of Duty traditionally has a long stay at the top before sticking around in the top ten long after when the majority of games would have fallen off. Modern Warfare 3 has yet to drop out of the top ten but it is doing more poorly than Black Ops was at the same point last year, leading some to wonder if the Call of Duty bubble is ready to burst. The series' haters may want to delay celebrating just yet, however, as it's hardly as if Activision is on the verge of being forced to shelve the series like it did Guitar Hero last year.

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CoD is the largest title and you can't always have great months.

I personally feel that the series might be seeing some fatigue...but that's just me.

h311rais3r2794d ago

It's had fatigue for a while now.

CanadianTurtle2794d ago

Obviously nobody is buying this game anymore because everyone already bought it. They have no one else to sell it to. Everyone thats ever wanted the game has already bought it by now. Thats why MW3 sales are so low at the moment.

You can't expect people to buy a second freaking copy

GraveLord2794d ago

Low sales in March means there were many more early adopters back in the holiday season.

Haters are SO desperate to see COD fail, too bad it never will.