Mass Effect: Paragon Lost gets a teaser trailer; new anime from the creators of Ghost in the Shell

DSOGaming writes: "Great news for all Mass Effect and anime fans, as BioWare will collaborate with Production IG (creators of Ghost in the Shell and Kill Bill: Vol.1) for a new, upcoming anime that will be based on Mass Effect 3."

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morganfell2788d ago

Project IG didn't create Ghost in the Shell. They made the movie and followed on with subsequent features such as Innocence, Solid State Society, The Laughing Man and 2 seasons of GITS SAC, but Ghost in the Shell was created by Oda Masanori who goes by the pen name or Shirow Masamune.

hazelamy2788d ago

that's not his real name?
i never knew that.

you learn something every day.

hazelamy2788d ago

this is weeks old.
and this isn't even a teaser trailer, it's some concept art.

Megaton2788d ago

Meh. Production IG is ok. Aside from the original GITS movie, their art/animation hasn't been anything special. I would have chosen Studio 4C or Gainax over them.

lzim2787d ago

I wonder if I'm the only one that both doesn't understand why the game needs to be adapted to anime at all.. while wondering what the elements of anime could do to enrich the game itself (if redone as a JRPG).