Trials Evolution Review (

GodisaGeek: "It’s a cliché to say it, but RedLynx have done it again. Not content with having one of the best downloadable titles under their belt, RedLynx now have two. Bursting with luscious content that will make your palms sweaty and your brow furrowed,
Trials Evolution is an absolute celebration of gaming euphoria.
Every inch of this product deserves applause, admiration and respect. You may have forgotten how addictive Trials was, but Evolution hasn’t. You have a new taskmaster, now go to her, madness and joy awaits, as do the plaudits and awards for RedLynx."

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Prince_Dim-Lu2795d ago

Another great 360 exclusive! Can't wait to race my friends in this one.

JellyJelly2795d ago

You got a disagree for that because on N4G 360 exclusives don't exist. Trials Evolution, Fez, The Splatters are NOT 3 amazing XBLA exclusives that were released this month, and The Witcher 2 does not "count" since it's also on PC. That's how it works around here ;)

kneon2795d ago

Of course the Witcher 2 doesn't count if it's on PC. Maybe you need to look up what exclusive means.