Heavenly Sword 2 A Better Option Than GOW IV For Sony’s Announcement

Sony's announcement of an announcement has people very excited. OnlySP breaks down a number of different factors and comes to the conclusion that the unveiling of a new Heavenly Sword is imminent, rather than the God of War IV that everyone seems to think. See the deductions in the full article.

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sinncross2787d ago

The thing with a lot of these articles is that they all do not take into account the 2nd ad that is running for this reveal:
'Nothing will bring them back'. This sounds more in line with Kratos' family, especially associated with the more common ad of 'Will vengeance bring redemption?' because of what Kratos did.

Heavenly Sword 2 would be cool, but I am pretty positive the announcement is a new God of War, but not God of War 4. Another prequel title for PSV (and possibly multiplat with the PS3)

MaideninBlack2787d ago

Agreed.'Nothing will bring them back' is hinting at Kratos and his brother, whose name escapes me, fighting through athe afterlife.

As much as I'd love to see a sequel to HS I doubt it will happen.

Wintersun6162787d ago

I think it's hinting more towards Kratos' wife and child.

gaffyh2786d ago

@MaideninBlack - Deimos.

And I agree with Wintersun, sounds more like it's talking about his wife and child.


People, look at this page:

IT IS GOW4, not anything else, why make more useless and irrelevant articles and comments?

JoGam2787d ago

When is the announcement going to take place?

colonel1792786d ago

The very first thing that came to my mind when I saw the announcement was Heavenly Sword. I even stood up and picked up the game to see any resemblance and it does have a lot.

It can be anything, but there's much more that points to a Heavenly Sword game than a GOW. Also, If it was a GOW it would be announced at E3, not in a viral campaign.

If I had to bet, I would bet for Heavenly Sword.. (or a spin off of some sort)

chukamachine2787d ago

It's GOD OF WAR 4.

Can't wait.

himdeel2787d ago

I'd actually be happy with HS2 or a GOW game on PS3 or Vita. After sincross mentioned the Vita I now hope it's a Vita game they announce tomorrow.

VanillaBear2787d ago

I would love a HS2, the return of Nariko and maybe do NT plan of having it as an open world.

baldulf2786d ago

I wouldn't mind a HS2 by a competent developer, but Sony is in no place for gambles.

GOW is an established franchise and a sure gain, there is no more to say.

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The story is too old to be commented.