Ghost Recon: Future Soldier spawn killers beware

Red Storm counteracts spawn camping with reinforce system.

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ExPresident2794d ago

I've read this before someone so its not "new" news but thats fine. Not sure how I feel about the random spawn points for people who couldn't fight their way out. If you don't like being spawn camped don't get put into that position. If you do get spawn camped, adapt and overcome or quit.

After all, the next hold your hand feature is a perk if you get break a death streak right? ;/

peeps2794d ago

exactly, people get spawn camped because they are the weaker team. As a stronger team you have no option to keep pushing forward or do they suggest the correct tactic would be to camp the centre of the map...

The most tactical play will be from any 1 life modes anyway

neutralgamer192794d ago

I see we have a few COD players out and about. Im glad something like this is being implemented because getting cheap kills in a shooter game by spawn camping is cheap and takes no skills. This is one cheap tactic that many people complain about in the COD games (and in killzone 2) and is indeed real (we wont even mention regular camping with many people simply hate).

Im glad Ghost recon isnt afraid to make improvements where other companies just dont give a crap and put out mp that are full of glitches and ppl exploiting the system to cheat and get kills!!!!!

konnerbllb2794d ago

I don't play cod yet I agree with the people above you. If your team gets pushed back into the spawn area they aren't good enough to compete and deserve to lose.

Do you think hitler warped out of germany when allied forces pushed through the nazi lines?

zgoldenlionz2794d ago

Lol it's a game that's suppose to be fun. Spawn camping is for cheap kills no way around it.

neutralgamer192794d ago

lol an analogy using Hitler and the allied forces military conquest of toppling Hitler and the Nazi's hahaha You see it all on

You'll compare a fantasy game which in very few instances mimics real life to a real life event lol To many differences to even compare so please lets stick to fantasy situations. In real life their are no infinite respawns, kill streaks, tacticians that make their own respawn points. etccc......

As a matter of fact if anything your point makes mine even the more clearer. Hitler did not teleport out of Germany, but also Hitler lost because he was at a huge disadvantage the allied forces at that point greatly out numbered the axis powers (japan was already devastated by nuclear arms).

In a game such as COD if you have a whole group spawn camping the group spawning one or two people at a time getting killed on site is at a huge disadvantage and will lose and the game wont be fun at all. Their wont be any sort of competition. So i dont get your point? Let me guess so what your telling me is that its ok to sit on a spawn site and kill one or two helpless people at a time and ruin the whole fun factor of the game because your team ran to the spwan site first and used cheap tactics. Yeah dude your spot on lol