GNT: How do you like your RPG’s in the morning

GNT: With the release of Skyrim seeming like a distant yet weirdly familiar memory, and gamers (myself included) still working their way through the hundreds of hours worth of gameplay that it has to offer, I find myself asking; do I have any room in my life for another RPG right now?

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I'm looking for some old school charm...kind of tired of all these have to feel like real life looking games. Their all starting to blur together to me.

LightofDarkness2401d ago

Dragon's Dogma's gameplay looks a lot more like Monster Hunter than anything else. It's not going to be a straight RPG, just more of a free-roaming action/adventure game in the vein of Devil May Cry, but more open. It has RPG elements, but not enough to be called one, apparently (these are Capcom's words, not mine).

Plus, The Witcher 2 isn't a massive time-sink, you'll be done in 30-40 hours on your initial run. If you play Dark Mode, you'll have more of a lengthy challenge to wade through, but giving it a standard run through isn't a serious time investment (certainly not to the "100s" of hours in Skyrim).

I personally stopped playing Skyrim after 60 hours or so. It just gets kind of boring after a while, plus I was going to have to start doing questlines that didn't exactly fit the character so well.