OXM: Five reasons Call of Duty isn't dying

OXM's Edwin writes: "Seems every time you turn around, Call of Duty's "on its way out". Like a disobedient child, hovering on the stairwell after you've packed him off to bed. Such is the loathing the franchise attracts in certain quarters of the internet, that the most infinitesimal of commercial wobbles prompts trumpet blasts and vulture-like cackling."

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dirigiblebill2792d ago

If Black Ops 2 is real, it's got Halo 4 to reckon with now - they're launching days apart. Should be interesting...

I wouldn't be surprised if Activision's signed up Unreal Engine 4 for its next gen COD.

FanboyPunisher2791d ago

Died for me and alot of COD4 players...

Dead to me is COD i see.

ritsuka6662792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I 100% agree with that statement.

"It's dying" yeah that's why it has 1million+ unique users on every day online. lol

ThatHappyGamer2792d ago

The human population increases every year.

So, more kids = more COD sales.

COD isn't going down anytime soon.

chriski3332792d ago

Im sorry but unique players? Really u mean retarded screaming kids that learn new swear words off youtube right?

Kingdom Come2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I think any franchise of which goes annual release and considers a new gun, mode and perk to warrant the title of sequel is dying... (Also a franchise developed by a development team of which consider it acceptable to copy and paste buildings from four games ago: )

I despise this franchise, from the complete lack of innovation, the milked dry engine, the recycling, but regardless of what I think, the sheep will continue to follow the herd whilst fantastic developers such as Epic Games, Naughty Dog, Irrational and more spend years crafting a heavily improved sequel and engine.

iamlegend99992791d ago

Why would you compare world of warcraft with elite? There nothing alike

XboxInnovation2791d ago

Call of Duty won't just die on it's own, people need a replacement. It's like if you're in an abusive marriage you will stay in it because it's better than being alone. People would rather keep playing a rehashed game because it's better than nothing.

That replacement has yet to come, but it will eventually because the people NOW making CoD games are not world class developers, they do not have the talent the old IW had to truly innovate the series.

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