Achievement Punter: Little Rocket Man In Half Life 2 Episode 2

An 'achievement guide' from StickTwiddlers' Jamie as this week he attempts to take on the granddaddy of all achievements, Half-Life 2's Little Rocket Man.

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TheROsingleB2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I got pissed after realizing I could have left him with Alyx while she's all crippled before the caves. Lost him during that sequence *SOMEWHERE* and just gave up on the achievement after searching forever to try and find him again.
I might just go back and go for it again. I think I have a couple other Episode 2 achievements I should knock out anyways.

[EDIT] Also - I wouldn't consider it the "Grand Daddy of achievements". It's a tough one, but entirely possible if you know the levels enough. If you're trying on your first play-through it's pretty difficult.