Spec Ops: The Line - Why It's The Most Brutal Military Shooter This Gen, Hands On

Spec Ops: The Line has been revealed in more detail by Yager, involving extensive hands-on sessions of the single player. NowGamer has played through a large chunk and written a huge preview based on the cover shooting, multiplayer, gore, guns, environments and more.

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jimmins2793d ago

Reckon this could be a dark horse...

Bathyj2793d ago

More than a darkhorse. If this game is a hit,expect this approach to be copied over and over.

This could change gaming if its as good as it sounds.

jaymart2k2793d ago

Anyone els remember the closed beta 2 yrs ago?

I'm glad they went back to the drawing board after playing that crap. Poor graphics,poor animation,poor gameplay.

Here's hoping all this is muched improved.

Ashunderfire862793d ago

Uhhh look at this look like a poor man's carbon copy of Ghost Recon with the copycat cloak? They move like they need to take a shit!!! and the gun sounds are just terrible. The bread and butter will be the single player. I bet it will get a rating of 7.0 to 8.5.

Dazel2793d ago

Played this at the Gadget show live in the UK. Very linear, average graphics and poor AI. Felt like a poor man's Ghost Recon if I'm honest.