Rumor: BioShock movie murmurs in Hollywood

Digging through all the praise heaped upon BioShock, you're sure to scrape your nails across several repeated phrases such as "engaging," "gripping" and "atmospheric." Some have even said it's "pretty good." The most common one, however, is sure to be "cinematic," a term that places BioShock and Hollywood in rather close proximity. A reliable source within a major film production company has told Joystiq that the two have been getting along famously, with a movie adaptation of 2K's successful franchise already being discussed by the Big Daddies internally.

The studio hopes to bring the fallen aquatic utopia of Rapture to celluloid life through extensive use of green screen technology, an approach not dissimilar to Legendary Pictures' interpretation of 300. If the computer generated approach is deemed feasible and fitting, the focus can then shift to capturing BioShock's secondary (and uninhabited) characters. While it's not guaranteed to move beyond these early stages, this project has our full support, if only so we can see M. Night Shyamalan's face when he gets out-twisted.

Of course, the potential film would do well to remember that while it's desirable for a game to share traits with cinema, the opposite situation will likely earn a thumbs down from most critics.

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Rice3934d ago

It should become movie...

TrevorPhillips3934d ago

yeh i know u know how mad it would be who u rekon should play the main character i rekon the guy from king kong the guy that writes the movies for jack black in the movie u know which 1 im talkin about

ichimaru3934d ago

this would actually make a really deep movie. i'm not too sure about the main character having plasmids, but the background and story of rapture would make for an awesome film.

Shaka2K63934d ago

A 5 hour system shock 2 rip off with no multi player and horrible graphics.

socomnick3934d ago

5 hours are you kidding me its atleast a 15 hour I believe you got this game confused with heavenly sword or uncharted.

AllroundGamer3934d ago

now that would be great, if it would look like the game and not a B movie from Uwe Boll...

wageslave3926d ago

The game *LOOKS* spectatular. No, I imagine a movie wouldnt be made in-side a game engine.

Nice try at a backhanded insult. When your beloved PS3 has a game uniformly loved, respected and lauded by the industry, you can slither back in here and crow about it. Until then, either buy a Xbox 360 or STFU.

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The story is too old to be commented.