ZTGD | Skullgirls Review

Drew Leachman writes: I love a good fighting game, and I have been a fan of the genre since I was a little kid. With the resurgence of fighting games thanks to the highly successful Street Fighter IV, the tournament scene, and even the online fighting game community, has exploded. An all new fighting game IP has released that has tournament play in mind.

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DMLFury2794d ago

It's a great game. All for 15 bucks.

KrimsonKody2794d ago

This. Game. Is. Great!
If you enjoy fighting games, please, be no fool.
Skullgirls is hot & has a ton of potential.
I'm also too glad that the fighting game genre is returning in full force. It's been years since we've had fighting game options.

Saying this may be a bit too early, but...
Arcana Heart Vs. Skullgirls!
Let's go!