Game Informer: Halo 4's Changes To Competitive Multiplayer

Game Informer: This week at is devoted to the changing face of Halo 4's multiplayer and we are starting things out by talking about the competitive side of things. You might have heard that 343 Industries is interested in making some changes to the classic Halo formula. We sat down with lead multiplayer designer Brad Welch to talk about the new emphasis on story, customizable loadouts, and the new and updated modes for Halo 4. Watch the video below to learn more about what your competitive multiplayer experience will look like in Halo 4 and stay tuned to the site throughout the week to learn about the new co-op experience called Spartan Ops.

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TheMutator2790d ago

or destroy it!!! im not very happy with new changes

Kingdom Come2790d ago

Then you'll love Call of Duty...

Septic2790d ago

I don't like the sound of armour abilities at all apart from sprint. X-ray vision just sounds something a camper would love. Armour lock- well we know why that sucks.

I guess it all depends on how 343 balance it all out.

The game really could do with dedicated servers though. Too often, the host connection determines a firefight.

Still, I'm sure the game will feel like Halo. Here's hoping that we get some amazing maps because, at the end of the day, what helps maintain the appeal for FPS' such as this is the map design and whether its memorable or not.

Virus2012790d ago

"The game really could do with dedicated servers though. Too often, the host connection determines a firefight."
Have you really played Halo online? The host has never had the advantage in an online match unless they used the "stand-by trick". However the stand-by trick could only be done during the first few months to a year after the release of Halo 2 until Bungie patched it up. If you've never heard of the glitch/trick then i'm can only guess that you have never played Halo 2 online.

The Halo servers have always been top notch. There is hardly any lag and I don't think it needs dedicated servers. Gears 1 had a big issue where the host would win a one v one shotgun fight but I have never seen that kind of thing with a Halo game.

Septic2790d ago

Seriously? You really think the host has no advantage in Halo 3 and Reach online? Either you're from the States or you've hardly played Halo. The host advantage plays a BIG part in Halo. I have a few Halo vets with maximum BPR ratings who would like to have a word with you.

Virus2012790d ago

Yes I live in the US and I've been playing halo games since Halo C.E back in 2002. I played through the days when anything anyone played on Xbox live was Halo 2. I also played Halo 3, then switched to COD 4 when it came out that November but eventually went back to Halo 3 (got to lvl 43). I am currently a General Grade 4 in Reach. I've never seen someone win a gun battle because they were the host of the game.

humbleopinion2790d ago

Septic, I'm sorry but you have no idea what you're talking about. Halo games run a distributed networking model. It's not synchronous and the host has no advantage because each machine is running the entire model: (this doesn't apply to co-op)
Dedicated server model on the other hand will give advantage to people closer to the server (with lower ping) and will make the game less balanced.

As for what you refer to as "X-ray vision", this can actually solve the camping problem: you can't really camp if people can see you behind walls, no can you? Have you given this any thought?