Impossible for devs “to not get attached” to work even if it’s “not good” say Darksiders II team

Game development will get attached to the work they produce during game development, and might find it difficult to let something go if it needs to be significantly changed or dropped all together.

That’s according to Darksiders II creative director Joe Madureira and Vigil studio general manager David Adams

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_Aarix_2793d ago

If you get attached, you get dedicated, you get dedicated, you strive to do your best and that entails great results.

wallis2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Yes because those developers who aren't making much money and are desperately working to get their titles released before they're likely stamped on by larger AAA titles just aren't passionate enough.

Just look at IO interactive and Kane and Lynch. The series damn near cost them everything - it was fucking insane of them to make K&L2 as opposed to hitman 5 because only one of those games was gonna make money. Sometimes making what you love and what's going to sell are two different things.

Point is it's going to be difficult for a developer to just cut out four years of their lives simply because of bad press. Years of dedication lead to an attachment that makes it difficult to accurately assess quality. That much work makes it difficult to remember who it is your making the game for. This is a challenge for any creative project that wants make money - nothing is as black and white as "WORK HARD BE GOOD".

CanadianTurtle2793d ago

Well to be completely honest, K&L2 was just terrible. But for the most part, I can usually look at the "good" in video games. I can usually tell if the developers had a passion for the game or not. Darksiders 1 felt like there was lots of passion, and the people who made the game knew what made a game "fun," because they themselves are gamers.