Win an Xbox 360! From Sony!

Sometimes big companies have their arms in so many businesses, that it's hard for the left hand to know what the right one is doing. For Sony this is double hard because they not only make the technology to play and enable all kinds of content (Blu-Ray, UMD, ATRAC, Mini-disc, etc), they also create the content too (Sony Pictures, Sony Online Entertainment, Sony BMG Music, etc). In those scenarios, you're going to occassionaly take your eye off the ball. Which is what looks like happened with Sony Music's promotional contest for their new Jessica Simpson album. The grand-prize? An Xbox 360."

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NextGen24Gamer5856d ago

That is too funny. My goodness. The last couple days has been wonderful in 360 land. Sony is sinking faster than the titanic. They haven't even launched yet. Unbelievable.

Silverwolf5856d ago

Well at least they are giving away the better console ;)

BlindPublic5855d ago

Well there giving away the only one that is real at the moment.

zypher5856d ago

just because subdivisions of the two entities have competing game consoles doesn't mean other subdivisions wouldn't support each other. its called strategy. if Microsoft and Sony were that much at odds with each other, you wouldn't be able to use Windows on Sony PC's.

Boink5856d ago

that is too freaking hilarious...

and as for your pc comment, what other OS would they use? they have no choice.

linux...yeah, that'll sell...LOL. I wonder how sony likes paying MS to license windows for their PC's/laptops? then MS turns that around and invests it in ways to make their console/OS greater. gotta be annoying:)

uuuunvnv25856d ago

i dont think you could have said it any better

TheThinker5855d ago

Remember that it was designed to subjugate the loopholes found inside the Windows OS (because it is an automatic-process sytem), which Linux does not have (because it's mostly manual, under your control).

Oh, and when you're at a loss to explain why so much junk gets automatically installed in your computer so that it runs off the background, sucking up precious RAM, remember Microsoft.

Yeah, I hate monopolies. You will too.

kewlkat0075856d ago

thought about that. The profit MS makes from windows selling to sony machines they use on the xbox 360. I don't think it goes that way but yeah its still putting money in thier pockets.

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The story is too old to be commented.