Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita) Advertisement in Famitsu

PlayStation Vita's new action title Soul Sacrifice got its debut in Famitsu this week. But unlike most Famitsu reveals, this one came not through a preview, but through a multi-page ad.

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sinncross2374d ago

Cool looking ad. I heard someone mention a what if scenario of this being warrior's lair but in Japan... i seriously hope this is a brand new IP from Sony.

Cant wait for the conference reveal.

neutralgamer192374d ago

Yeah im hype and anything with the word soul in it and rpgesue even if its an action game im psyched for.

Cryptcuzz2374d ago

Loving the art direction for this game, looking forward to seeing some in game footage hopefully soon.

Sithlord-Gamble2374d ago

The art fits the souls games i guess.
So hopefully this is what it seems.

Was there any mention of the developer in the advertisement?

Cryptcuzz2374d ago

I was wondering the same, re-checked just now, and do not see any mention of the developer.

Maybe someone who knows how to read Japanese can read the captions and let us know?

Sithlord-Gamble2374d ago

Im sure once this spreads, there will b an article posted that translates it.