Why Black Ops 2 will succeed

InEnt writes: Why will COD: Black Ops 2 still succeed even with recycled graphics and other features? We know an increasing amount of COD fans are leaving the franchise for different reasons, but the following is so great for Call of Duty that Black Ops 2 is set for success with or without those fans that leave, so this then leaves us wondering what makes Call of Duty games so popular?

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TheUnbiasedLion2789d ago

My prediction is it will sell well but again lower sales than the previous installments.

I won't be picking it up.

Kurylo3d2789d ago

i agree, i was done after the original black ops.

Virus2012789d ago

I agree. I might just pirate the game *ducks rock* to check out the single player. November will be me in a dark room exploring the new unknown world behind a Spartan Helmet in Halo 4.

aviator1892789d ago

Same here, I'm done with this franchise and MW 3 helped to seal the deal.

Blasphemy2789d ago

I might buy it. I really liked the maps in Black ops, I won't ever buy an Infinity Ward made CoD game again though.

GraveLord2789d ago

What do you mean "but again lower sales than previous installments"?

MW3 is the best selling COD game and #1 best selling game on PS3 and 360.

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MakeBelieve2789d ago

No thanks, but I might rent it. Like the article says: "same game engine and recycled graphics" does not impress me. Like any game, we will just have to wait until it comes out.

Im thinking of other things like lag compensation, and I cant believe they would use the same old game engine. Its just too early to tell.

I will say this though: I am not buying any more COD games at launch. MW3 was the last. I sold it 10 days after launch because it felt like mw2 with worse maps and the lag compensation ruined it.

chidesd2789d ago

yeah prolly wont buy it either and if I do Ill buy it used off ebay. I wanna support most gams and developers by buying new but activisions a tyrant that doesnt deserve my money

bestofthebest2789d ago

even thou everyone hates the cod series on here they are still good games with alot of content. Black ops is going to sell fine especially since it has zombies.

Tomonobu Itagaki2789d ago

5 hours of campaign and re-hashed multiplayer with some rhinestones and sequins is not what people consider as "alot of content".

There's just one time where players, disregard their fondness into the Call of Duty series, realize they're not getting what they deserved.

"The same with more" doesn't mean "better". That's what killed Guitar Hero, that's what will kill Yakuza and that's what is killing Call of Duty series.

2789d ago
MrMister2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Zombies is overrated!!! I'm sick of hearing about that stupid, brainless mode. Ooooh look, a zombie--I guess that suddenly changes the fact that its the same lame stale COD gameplay, except the enemy CAN'T shoot u back -_-. WOW, that's so worth spending $60 on! *sarcasm*

What's with this idiotic generation and their obsession with zombies (and Vampires too for that matter)? Zombies are the most cliche, played out villainous cliche of all time (vampires too).

Zombies mode in Black Ops is overrated. People say its fun because u can play it with friends--but you know what? Playing a game that can stand on its own two feet as fun, and playing THAT with friends is a lot MORE fun than some dumb, ugly generic COD re-hash.

NastyLeftHook02789d ago

dude, i know what you meen, its like those people are zombies themselves. wtf is so cool about zombies.

CaptainPunch2789d ago

Who are you to say what's fun and what's not, get your head out of your ass.

LightofDarkness2789d ago

It will succeed because it has Call Of Duty in the title, and it's to be sold on Xbox 360 and PS3. That's it. Maybe in a year or two, after successive releases of sour milk, the series will go into a notable decline. But this year, it's going to sell very well. Maybe not as well as last year, but certainly not so well as to be considered a failure.

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