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"Many look at the state of gaming today and see a future that is dark and bleak. This will not be the case. The future of gaming will be governed by people who love gaming the most - those who grew up during this current “Golden Age”; the people who understand what it is about this medium that they love so much, as well as the issues of today that must be addressed. Today’s fans are tomorrow’s designers, and with a lifetime’s worth of games to draw from, they will deliver interactive experiences we never thought possible. The future of gaming is not dark and without hope, but one filled with optimism, passion, and new ideas. The best is yet to come." Jake Weston, gamrReview

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Crap_Turtle2791d ago

Whats the best age system or games is different for each person

vortis2790d ago

I always thought the Golden Age was between 1991 and a little bit of 2001. There was so much badassery in gaming during that time. Timeless classic after timeless classic.