Another Sony 4-19-12 Teaser Released

Last week the gaming world was teased by Sony with the teaser that stated...

Will Vengeance Bring Redemption? 4-19-12

It wasn't long after that the gaming community wanted it to be God of War 4

Well it seems another picture has surfaced and it is in a banner form and it reads...

The source of the image is in the credit url. Since the picture is an advertisement I took a screenshot of the browser for proof.

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PirateThom2788d ago

If you wake up on the 19th April hoping they don't announce a new God of War game, I got bad news for you...

Gandalf2788d ago

And if you wake up on the 19th April hoping they've announced a new God of War game, I got great news for you...

ilikestuff2788d ago

u serious? this is definitely a new pa rappa the rapper

FunAndGun2788d ago

Good News for people who love Bad News.

Larry L2788d ago

I know everyone seems to think it's a God of War game. And I understand why people are thinking that. But what I'm personally seeing in these 2 teaser images sticks out like a sore thumb to me. And that's alot of the stylising around the images are actually flowing lockes of LONG red hair.

I think it's going to be a sequel to Heavenly Sword. And the key words in the teasers would also perfectly fit if that were the case.

It could certainly be God of War. And the teaser motiff fits for that as well. But if I were taking bets, the odds would be in favor of God of War, but that would just be so I could make money when it's Heavenly Sword 2.

guitarded772788d ago

It's most likely God of War 4... Kratos is covered in ashes... hence "from the ashes". Kratos is seeking vengeance through every game. Kratos is seeking redemption in every game. Kratos is seeking redemption through vengeance in every game. Sony Santa Monica has an unannounced title they teased the s#!t out of on the Tester 3.

At first I thought it may be Killzone 4, but all the clues point to God of War 4. No matter how much you or I want another game, it is God of War 4... and I'm okay with that because I like God of War. But I still want a new Killzone too.

TooTall192788d ago

The image name is gowa_fb.png. There's a good chance that stands for god of war announcement. It could be a trick though.

Dee_912788d ago

Anybody remember the heavenly sword in god of war rumors ? you might be on to something.Atleast I think it was a rumor....
I personally want a new heavenly sword but im sure its gow4

HarryKawkReturns2788d ago

Sorry to break the news, but I met Tod P and he confirmed GOW4. He told me he doesn't want to give too much away, AND I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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Nimblest-Assassin2788d ago


(sorry, couldn't help myself)

But GOW4 or Heavenly sword 2 might be it...

Or some brand new if it is a new IP, how will people react?

creatchee2788d ago

Who in their right mind would NOT hope for a new God of War game announcement?!

That being said, I don't want it to be a Vita game. PS3 PLEASE!

Seraphemz2788d ago

I wouldnt mind a Vita version...or just make it cross platform. that would be amazing!

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lociefer2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

i just hate to be let down, so ill pretend its a new hannah montannah exclusive game

TheRealHeisenberg2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )


@ jony_dols

Unless I'm missing something, nothing that I have seen about The Last of Us screams vengeance or redemption.

delicia2788d ago

He just said that the The Last of Us teaser was not a dissappointment. Nothing to do with this one, since it's obviously already announced.

TheRealHeisenberg2788d ago

@ takashima_bitch

Thanks for clearing that up for me. Reading is fundamental. Comprehension is a must.

MariaHelFutura2788d ago

With the hardest plat ever!!

360ICE2788d ago

Well, by rule, every time Sony... or really anyone else teases something in a viral campaign it either leaks before the teased date, or it's a disappointment. So either you're going to want to look for an early reveal or a christmas miracle.

I'm being a bit negative, I know. But with lower expectations you get even happier when they deliver, right?

360ICE2788d ago

...Exception that proves the rule? :P

jony_dols2788d ago

'Well, by rule, every time Sony...'

M4I0N32788d ago

yeah i completely agree, having lower expectations always results in a pleasant delivery, thats why I'm avoiding all news related to Dark Knight Rises. I know I'm definitely going to watch it so why bother spoiling it before you see it.

asmith23062788d ago

Same. I looked at a few pics from TDKR just as that shit ton of stuff got leaked about it. I stopped. Ill wait for the movie, got to admit though, I am more looking forward to Prometheus!!

Anyway, I'm not psyched about this teaser at all. As far as I am concerned Kratos is dead. If it is another GOW game though I hope they change the formula of 'start off with kick ass abilities, get stripped of them and get sent to the depths, fight your way back up while regaining your abilities and then eventually kick Zeus' ass'. It's fun n all but we have done it so many times now. GOW Khariot Racing should do the trick!!

Chitown712912788d ago

@asmith2306: I agree about Prometheus. It doesnt have the hype it should, That Dark Knight Rises trailer was just...........Meh...

Tommykrem2788d ago

Agree. Just recently Sony Norway ran a campaign that got a really hyped about Uncharted taking place in Norway (in some way), but it turned out it was just a Uncharted-themed commercial campaign for PS Vita. Same with "Knitting old man" LBP teaser, "Huge announcements" that turned out to be things like Thorne and Marvel comics for PSP.

Yup, Sony definitely didn't disappoint there! But then again they were teasing a Spike VGA reveal, not a non-conference reveal.

Also, I believe 360ICE meant that that was the exception that proves his rule... which is sort of what he said.

TreMillz2788d ago

Was hoping for Heavenly Sword 2, but who knows maybe the "Them" could just possibLY BE KRATOS AND NARIKO IN THE SAME GAME?! *GASP!*...

aftrdark212788d ago


I've been saying this for years. They need to make another game with Kratos and Nariko in it with both of them fighting out of the underworld in order to return to the land of the living. It would be a great setup for Heavenly Sword 2 and GOWIV. Co-op goodness.

Winckle2788d ago

If this is truly God of War 4, Them = Kratos and his brother? Online co-op??

Kluv2788d ago

The "Them" are the people Kratos has been trying to bring back the entire series: His wife and child.

VonBraunschweigg2788d ago

That's got to be it, well done sir. I was thinking about Kratos & Demios or Kratos & Athena, can't believe I forgot about his wife & kid. Nothing will bring them back indeed. But I believe the series is not about trying to do just that, he knows that's impossible, but about trying to end the nightmares of him killing them, and of course vengeance. "But the visions, will they end?" he asked Athena with a voice full of emotion.

Ethereal2788d ago

That's what I was looking for. I was trying to think what that was in regards too. I have no doubt that is it. GOWIV announced tomorrow woo!!

Chitown712912788d ago

I thought they said 3 would be the end of Kratos, but not the end of the series.