DUST 514 Preview - The Free-To-Play Revolution Is Upon Us | Pixeljumpers

"CCP Games is well-known for their sci-fi MMO EVE Online, which has built up quite a cult-like following over its eight years of existence. It’s a game that allows players to explore an entire universe, participate in a realistic economy, join corporations, engage in space combat and so much more. For the hundreds of thousands or so active players, it continues to be the one place they go to for pure entertainment, but for everyone else it has become something of a hard nut to crack.

You see EVE Online has become increasingly harder to break into unless you’ve got some buddies who have already invested time in the universe and are willing to take you under their wing. This has become somewhat of a barrier for those like myself who are intrigued by what EVE has to offer, but feel intimidated by the steps one needs to take in order to become part of it. This is where DUST 514 comes into play." Oren Giladi, Editor-in-Chief

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NovaXz2792d ago

This is turning into FTP done right!