Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Pre-Orders Include Early Access To Certain Characters for a Limited Time

While it was recently revealed that Namco will not be charging for extra characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Eurogamer is reporting that certain characters will be exclusive to pre-orders for a limited amount of time. The content will eventually be made available to all players though, free of charge. In addition to that, Harada says that if they were to make premium DLC it would be limited to cosmetic features (which includes bikini swimsuits) that wouldn’t compromise the integrity of competitive play.

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DrPepper2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

this is kinda off-topic but can ask what happened to the days when you had to do certain requirements in fighting games to unlock characters. like nowadays that is officially non-existent, the only game "i know" that actually does that is Mortal Kombat. though even at that all you got to do is play the story mode to unlock them which is hella lame and too easy. crapcom stated that they release DLC characters to keep people playing the game, how about they implement the character unlocking feature like in MvC 2 that'll for sure keep people playing the game instead of making people pay for characters.

PirateThom2794d ago

Why have unlockable characters when you can charge for them?

Why have cheat codes when you can sell "time savers"?

All boils down to the bottom line, if you can sell something, you sell it and, sadly, Capcom are just the worst for it.

DrPepper2794d ago

Money The Root Of All Evil

Baka-akaB2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

ingame unlockable characters are annoying when you need to immediately play the fighting game in online or local multiplayer.

So i'm glad most are ditching that dated system . If you want to go through the solo mode there is no reason you cant on your own you need a reason to ... and if you need a reason for that , there are trophies

DrPepper2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

really thats your argument trophies? i'm pretty sure there is a reason for in game unlockables to be in the game maybe its because oh i don't know so you don't have to pay for it dumbass no offense. in any case why are you even worried about online in fighting games to begin with when most fighting games have shitty netcode because these companies are to damn cheap. i have came across some of the worst netcodes in fighting game history especially with capcom fighters. there is rarely any exceptions with good netcode such as SoulCalibur V. sorry i come from a time where you actually had to play the game to unlock stuff not this so called generation where you too damn lazy that you would rather instead pay to unlock your content for you.

Baka-akaB2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Where did i say i wanted to pay for them ? And when was i talking about online only , i mentioned local play too ?
And dude i've been playing since the nes , doesnt mean i'll feel everything from back then is necessarily better .

Sorry but i do take offense ... i aint insulting you out of the blue silly sleazebag .

I come from an era when we purchased fighting games with shitty solo modes , still do today with a few exceptions ... with half the cast being locked , when all we wanted to was go at it day one in Versus modes with everyone .

Unlocking the chars in the original F4 , wasnt hard or anything , but a complete waste of time . So no i much prefered having everyone unlocked from the get go in SSF4 .

And let's not even forget how you can't , unlike in the psx-ps2 era transport and copy your data easily , almost all games lock them to your account .

So spare the snob attitude bullshit , if you aint going around 6 different houses in a week to play VS games , with the easy but moronic task of unlocking them via ludicrous timesinks from the dark ages .

As for Online , i have a sizeable regional community i could play easily with mostly lag free in even dreadful things like KOFXII . Globally ? Wel ok then i would only play stuff like Blazblue and SCV .

So yeah trophies is a good answer . Why force everyone to unlock the characters via solo play , if only a minority cares for it ? A minority wich could play the game solo from their own damn initiative .

Or are you so mentally weak that you need the carrot and the stick to go through the messy arcade and solo modes ?

jetlian2793d ago

cloud saves that is all. anyway it does at value playing single player. Say rpgs why do I need to wait till level 50 to get ultimate planet of destruction or whatever.

Its just a goal and to add value to the game.

mwaf2032793d ago

question is..will the game be interesting or will it suck?

Regent_of_the_Mask2793d ago

Considering it's nothing but Tekken 6 with a tag mode, it will suck (much like Tekken 6 sucked).

This pre-order garbage just makes the game even worse.

Gohadouken2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

what's amazing is that pretty much everyone find your input on the matter irrelevant or to be widely ignored so far , present post excluded of course .

I mean at some point people do notice you dont even like anything of late apparently , and mostly post troll complaints … but i like your style !

Adolph Fitler2793d ago

Sweet that there not charging like wounded bulls or Capcom, for extra characters...But that does open it up for the Capcom-esque, costumes & such that are charged at criminal prices demonstrated by SFIV, SSFIV, USSFIV, Totally Awesome Ultimately StreetFighter IV, etc, etc, not even mentioning the MvsSF, TvsSF scams.

I love the Tekken series, I love there characters far more than SF, as all there styles are so well represented, & come off so much like the real styles. The animation & movesets leave any Capcom fighter in there wake.....I mean, SFIV had terrible animation that looked to be ripped straight from the SNES version of SFII I owned 20yrs ago. Capcom fighters are very overated in this day & age.....whereas back in the day they made true gems like Rival Schools, SF2, & in my opinion the series high point was SF3....after that it just became even more milking & un-earned praise for a beautiful looking, but stalemate series.

MK showed what you should do to bring an ageing franchise kicking & screaming & punching into the current.

I bought TTTHD, & found TTT2 demo to be really fun, but stupid in the characters offered. I also believe Namco need to adopt a stronger emphasis on background destruction & interaction.... they need to steal some of DOA's ground breaking & I'm talking about the literal breaking of ground with another characters limp body being slammed through it & falling a few hundred feet....they need to borrow that, but take it to another level. Then after that offer way more game modes than other fighters, forget the Double Dragon rip off failures & give us an advanced bowling moded again, along with other similiar mini games like that, offer a mode that lets both fighters be beaten, so you still have a shot when 1 character is defeated, offer heaps of variations on the original mode, even offer one on one scraps.....hell, give us 4vs4 battles.

I'm buying the game anyhow, & Namco know there are many spazzo, suckers like me that will buy this automatically, but they should offer many of these features to up the competition & get new fans.

Oh, & p!$$ off useless animal characters, as well as the mudokins crap, offer less female fighters, so more new awesome characters (like the Blade-sque dude) can join the fray. I mean seriously, who are these beatial freaks that want bears butt slamming there face or vice versa.

Gohadouken2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

If you are a fan of tekken you know you are trolling anyway … as said animal have been a staple of the serie since tekken 1 .

And given your other suggestion , (even regardless of your SF crap trolling) , i have to Wonder if you even truly should look forward to tekken , given the ideas you wanna borrow from DOA .

Last time Tekken tried aping DOA , we had the dreadful Tekken 4 , from wich the negative and pernicious effects (warning not saying DOA is bad , but its elements mostly only work within that game) still plaguing Tekken 6 .

Tekken already used juggling , so adding backgrounds bouncing and effect lead to the borefest of tekken 6 with never ending juggle combos and crappy wall bounces .

At last you aint making sense anyway imo , when you complain about the female fighters , last time they added characters , there were as many dudes introduced , and one UFO .